7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Original She-Hulk Comics

The She-Hulk featured in the new Disney+ series is very different from the character that debuted in Marvel Comics’ The Savage She-Hulk.

In these days when the color emerald is in fashion and we all think of green, as the spot for a famous beer brand said, we ask ourselves at La Casa de EL how much we know about the original She-Hulk comics, or how for these lares we also know her, Hulka.

That is why we believe that some readers do not know that the original character was very different from the one presented in current Marvel projects such as She-HulK: Lawyer She-Hulk. What we must take into account is that the previous She-Hulk was much more dangerous and visceral than the current prankster, serene and consistent Jennifer Walters.

His career in the comics genre began in 1980 and lasted a scant 25 issues before coming to an end. In that amount of time, the writers and artists of her stories established her personality and the supporting cast that accompanied her on her wanderings that are very different from what modern fans are used to.

7 things you didn’t know about his original comics

She-Hulk didn’t always have a sense of humor what do you have now

Savage She Hulk Vol 1 1 Textless

These days, people know Jennifer for her extraordinary sense of humor with which she breaks the fourth wall on the series. Fans of her identify those aspects of her with her so much that when the writers take them away from her, she drastically alters the tone of the comics. But when She-Hulk was created, the writers really had no idea what to do with her.

It just needed to exist to make sure no other company could create it and use the Hulk name. As such, he closely resembled earlier versions of his cousin. She was almost always angry with the world, and had a healthy dose of disdain for her other personality. Nothing to do with the current one.

She-Hulk was wanted for murder

She Hulk Was Wanted By The Cops

The longest plot during ‘Savage She-Hulk’ vol. 1 involves the police chasing her for the murder of her best friend. Take it now! Ultimately, it was a misunderstanding, but the police didn’t know about it, and it wasn’t proven otherwise until near the end of its first volume in issue #17. Typical gimmick, but it’s a formula that works like a charm every time. And always, is always.

Until then, it brings her into conflict with everyone, the same way Bruce constantly had to deal with the military, the police, or the FBI. Although Jennifer’s level of destruction is considerably less than her cousin’s, that didn’t stop the police from pursuing her in every trouble she got into until her name was cleared. How do I know this?

She-Hulk’s boyfriend betrayed her

She Hulk Betrayed By Her Boyfriend

It has been seen in the television version that Jennifer Walters constantly seeks to maintain a stable love relationship. Although yes, she sticks to her little fleeting pleasures without any problem. As she should be in any empowered and free woman. More would be missing. However, in the original series of comics, Jen’s affections are limited to two men: Richard Rory and Zapper Ridge. Although Zapper is younger, Jen’s wild side is willing to overlook this circumstance. Later, a mad scientist tricks Zapper into turning Jennifer over to scientists who want to study her blood.

Although these claimed that they sought to help humanity, their true intentions were to create humans with superpowers. While She-Hulk breaks free, the series never makes Zapper pay for his actions. You bastard! She just gets mad about some previous problems before going out with him again at the end of the series. It’s true, that I wouldn’t object too much to a bride who is over two meters tall, green and who can split me in two. If you want to forgive me, you are welcome!

Jennifer Walters tried to sue Tony Stark

Jennifer Walters Tries To Sue Iron Man

The original series didn’t have many crossovers with other superheroes from other comics. However, David Kraft and Mike Vosburg’s ‘Savage She-Hulk’ #6 featured Jennifer Walters and She-Hulk taking on Tony Stark and his alter ego, Iron Man.

During Jen’s investigations into mob boss Nick Trask, she discovered weapons made by Stark Industries. Believing that Stark was connected to Trask, she used her powers at the district attorney’s office to investigate Tony. After discovering that Stark had no knowledge of the weapons stolen from him, the DA’s office was forced to release him.

You have to see, Tony. A lot of privileged mind and such, Pascual, and you end up stealing the technology all quisqui. Bad business, partner.

She-Hulk was never originally given a regular costume.

She Hulk 4 by Russell Dauterman header

It’s not until episode five of the Disney+ series that Jen finally gets clothes that fit her well and a proper uniform that she can wear as a superhero. But if four curmudgeonly fans think it’s simple, don’t take a look at the original series comics because they’ll just put a bag over their head and drown themselves.

The issue is much worse within Savage She-Hulk. As we told you a little above, the series only had 25 numbers and during all of them he never received any uniform. A white nightgown, there you have it, that looks more like a kitchen towel from my mother with more time and shit than a stick from a chicken coop.

Like the Hulk every time she transforms, She-Hulk rips her normal clothes to shreds. Where Bruce is always left with a pair of ripped purple jeans, She-Hulk has a different problem. Instead, her clothes were always “conveniently” torn so that she looked like she was wearing a torn nightgown. This ladies and gentlemen is what is called the magic of comics.

The longest-living villain in the original series was his father’s girlfriend

She Hulks Greatest Villain In Savage She Hulk

The series didn’t offer much in the way of memorable villains. A shame. Most of his enemies would never be seen again after their first appearances. Even the mob boss who was her worst nightmare was gone by the end of issue #5. By far the most constant villain in She Hulk was Beverly Cross, her father’s girlfriend. The stepmother. It looks like a Disney story.

Although She-Hulk had no idea, Beverly Cross got mad at Morris Walters for arresting her boyfriend. Over the course of 25 issues she did everything she could to drive a wedge between Morris and Jen, even encouraging him to kick her out of her own house. Bad pécora. It is not done!

She-Hulk decides to remain a She-Hulk in the end from the original series

She Hulk Decides To Stay In Hulk Form Forever

The original comic didn’t do much to separate the character from the classic Hulk. But towards the end of the series, Jen spends more time as She-Hulk as her problems as Jen Walters become too much for her to bear.

In the final issue of the series, although She-Hulk has managed to work out all of her problems and can freely switch from one state to another, she doesn’t want to be Jen anymore. She-Hulk’s strength and assertiveness come naturally to her. She wanted to do the one thing Bruce was terrified of doing: stay in Hulk form forever.

And with this and a cake, until tomorrow at eight we’ll talk about the list of the coolest Star Wars lightsabers. While we recommend that you take a look at 10 curiosities of the Daredevil comic: Yellow, now that we all know what our beloved and desired She-Hulk likes this color.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Original She-Hulk Comics

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