A fox becomes the unexpected fishing partner of a trout fisherman.

According to the fisherman who has recorded the images, the den should be close to the water flow because a few minutes after the fox took the first consignment of fish, it returned to stand next to it again with the intention of demanding more fish. The predator was looking for food to feed his cubs.

Share a day of fishing with a fox

The Italian fisherman Claudio Tacconi experienced this weekend an unusual event during a peaceful day of fishing in a transalpine river. A common fox appeared on the stage where the morning of fishing was taking place. The predator is not scared of the encounter with the fisherman. On the contrary, he stood a few meters from him to monitor the flow of water. The fox awaits the appearance of prey.

In one of the sets with the rat tail, the fisherman manages to make a fish succumb to his deception. The fox takes advantage of the fact that the fish is caught by the hook to try to capture it. At that moment, the fisherman stops the momentum of the predator so that the hook does not sink. Claudio, surprised by the daring of the fox, presents him with the catch. What the experienced Italian fisherman did not expect was that the fox did not devour the fish. He left it between some stones to watch again the evolutions of his benefactor.

Every time the fisherman threw his lure into the water, the canine followed the trajectory of the deception with his gaze. Once caught, he approached the fisherman to be delivered. This behavior made Claudio think that it was a specimen in the middle of the breeding season.

Common foxes are exemplary parents. While the female is in charge of nursing her cubs, the male is in charge of feeding the family, mother and children, during the first three months.

This is how foxes hunt

The fox is a predator that hunts mainly at night. During the day it usually remains hidden in its burrows. During their nocturnal hunts they hunt small rodents, birds and large invertebrates, without disregarding fawns, rays, roe deer or domestic animals that cross their path. When they get a large prey, they take it to the burrow to have a reserve.

Common foxes use their long, pointed ears along with their keen sense of smell to stalk and capture prey. Smell is probably its most highly developed sense, but it detects most of its prey through sight and hearing.

What do foxes eat?

The ability of the fox to include any type of food in its diet allows it to adapt to a great diversity of habitats. The fox is an omnivorous food animal. It feeds on insects, bird eggs, birds up to the size of a goose, mammals, berries, fruits and even human waste, domestic animals and fish.

A fox catches a large catfish

But there are also foxes that show remarkable skill when it comes to getting fish to eat. Next, we suggest you watch the video of a fox whose fishing technique is really effective. He first remains motionless, listening to the movements made in the water by the fish he is stalking. Until he jumps on him to catch him in his jaws

Click on the image to see it:

fishing fox

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If you want to see the video, click on the following image:

eagle snatches a fish from a fisherman

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A fox becomes the unexpected fishing partner of a trout fisherman.

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