A fox that was placed in “bad faith” with a cowbell around its neck dies

Image of the fox taken when it was found still alive. / DM

The animal was seen alive in Revilla de Santullán, in Palencia, by Seprona when it was already “dying and badly injured”, but in the end it died and was buried in the area

Ana Gil Zaratiegui

“Badly wounded” and “dying, about to die.” This is how the Seprona of Palencia describes the state in which this Sunday they found a fox in the surroundings of Revilla de Santullán (Palencia), just 20 kilometers from Cantabria, after a citizen ran into the animal and gave notice to the Civil Guard. The animal, which was missing a leg, lay on the leaves of the Palencia mountain floor with its neck surrounded by a thick chain from which hung a cowbell that, according to Seprona sources, would have been put by someone “in bad faith.” ».

The agents arrived at the area when the fox was still alive, but his condition was so critical that he died shortly after. In fact, the animal was buried by the field guard – in charge of monitoring and protecting the property in rural estates – near the environment in which it was found.

The animal on the ground, still alive, when it was found. /


The voice of alarm was raised by a friend of Óliver del Nozal, a biologist, environmental youtuber and tour guide at the Barruelo Mining Interpretation Center, who could not resist denouncing the situation on his social networks. Del Nozal explains that although the fox is an omnivorous animal, a large part of its diet is made up of small mammals – mice, moles – birds and even amphibians and that its way of hunting is similar to that of cats, with stealth, unlike the wolves, who chase their prey: “They have put a cowbell on it to scare away the animals and make it impossible for it to feed. So until he dies of starvation. It is true that it can eat fruits such as berries or cherries, but it is a complement, a fox cannot survive without animal protein, ”explains the expert, indignantly, to this newspaper on the other side of the phone.

This biologist and resident of the area remembers that “when he was little” he dedicated himself to dismantling ties and traps of people who “killed to kill” the foxes in the area: “I don’t know if it is still done now, but before it was very common , they put a steel loop where they knew it was going to pass and when the animal stuck its head in, the trap closed and did not open again, so the animal drowned,” he says. A neighbor told him this Monday that he had already seen this fox with the bell around his neck “at least a month and a half ago”, so they believe that the animal would have been wandering and surviving until “it could not take more ». When it was found, it was missing a leg due, “possibly, to the fact that it fell into a stocks,” Del Nozal speculates.

“It could have been anyone, someone who has chickens and is tired of the fox coming in, a farmer or simply a person who enjoys doing evil. I fail to understand the motivation for doing this, it is psychopathic behavior. Instead of shooting it, they make the animal suffer for a long time until death”, he bluntly ditches.

According to reports from Seprona in Palencia to this newspaper, it is the first time that they have evidence of an episode of this type in the area in question. The Civil Guard continues to investigate the facts to try to identify the person who placed the bell on the animal.

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A fox that was placed in “bad faith” with a cowbell around its neck dies

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