A new Superman movie? Man of Steel 2 would already be in development

The DCEU tries to rebuild its path after all the movements of the Warner Bros. Discovery conglomerate of which it is a part. The merger of the companies has shaken the foundations of DC’s projects, even canceling some of them. However, there are several that remain standing and that are the company’s commitment to take DC and all its characters to the highest. Among these characters is the mighty Superman, who is said to be getting a sequel soon. Get ready, as Man of Steel 2 could be close to becoming a reality.

Henry Cavill has been the subject of countless rumors in recent months. The most recurrent place him in a participation as Superman in Black Adam, the new DCEU movie starring Dwayne Johnson “The Rock”. In fact, many insiders already take his presence in the film for granted, which would mean Cavill’s return as the Man of Steel after he was last seen in the role in 2021, in Zack Snyder’s Justice. League. It seemed like we would never see Henry Cavill as Superman again but the news is taking on a pretty positive tone for fans.

Henry Cavill would be close to playing Superman in Man of Steel 2

Black Adam is just over a month away from being released in theaters and the great star Dwayne Johnson has been in charge of raising expectations to the clouds. Clearly it is seen that The Rock trusts this project and even more, in the future of the DCEU. So much is his confidence that he is intervening in every possible way so that figures like Henry Cavill come together to return the DCEU to the place where he deserves to be. And if we thought that this was just a cameo in Black Adam, nothing could be further from the truth.

According to the insider and former editor-in-chief of the website “Birth. movies. Death ”, David Faraci, Dwayne Johnson has been in charge of negotiating so that Superman returns in his own project and The Man of Steel 2 is a reality. When asked for more details in this regard, Faraci indicates the following:

“I have some more information on this. Not what is said, specific. It’s behind the scenes stuff that I thought was fascinating and it’s the reason why Henry Cavill is back as Superman in Black Adam and it would be because The Rock demanded it. Like, he was tough and he put pressure on Warner Bros. and made them go with Henry Cavill and they had to sign a new deal with him, including developing a new Superman movie in it. And it was all because The Rock insisted.

The Return of Henry Cavill's Superman

And although there were those who questioned David Faraci’s information, indicating that Warner Bros. could regret accessing The Rock’s pressure, Faraci reiterated his report:

“Not only Henry Cavill will be in Black Adam. I understand they are already working on a new Superman movie.”

After all the rumors of the return of Henry Cavill, we are practically nothing to know if this triumphant return will be effective. If so, we will have to thank The Rock for the return of Superman. This way the DCEU could get back on track to where we all want him to be.

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A new Superman movie? Man of Steel 2 would already be in development

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