A Police booth and remote surveillance with drones: the agreements reached with UDA students | Digital medium The Northern Fox

Last Friday, an intersectoral meeting was held, which had been promised by the Presidential Delegate, Gerardo Tapia, on April 27 after a meeting held with students from the University of Atacama, the Regional Governor and the Minister of Education.

The meeting was attended by various actors such as Carabineros, the Investigative Police, the Rector of the University, Celso Arias, the Seremias of Transport and Telecommunications, Public Works and Education, the Municipality of Copiapó, among others.

As a result of the demands of the students to have greater security inside and outside the University, this meeting was held that concluded with two large short-term agreements: the first is the installation of a police station at specific times and, on the other hand, remote surveillance with drones that are followed through the monitoring center of the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention of the Ministry of the Interior in the Atacama Region.

In this regard, the Regional Presidential Delegate, Gerardo Tapia, said that “Our commitment as the Government of President Gabriel Boric is to provide greater security to the inhabitants of Atacama, for this reason, we have jointly committed with Carabineros, the permanent monitoring of the sector with rounds surveillance through a booth installed near the University, as well as monitoring through the Monitoring Center of the Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, from where they will carry out preventive surveillance flights both at the central headquarters of the University of Atacama, as well as in the Professional Technical School, the Faculty of Medicine and the Cordillera Campus of the University of Atacama”.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of the Second Copiapó Police Station, Marcelo Ramírez, said that “What is sought is to prevent some related crimes that are being carried out mainly in the gangway sector, for which the highway compromised some projects and, in the In the case of Carabineros, the main thing is that we are going to move the security booth that we have installed in another sector, in order to provide greater security to both the ETP, the University and people who pass through that sector at times that are yet to be specified. with the student community of the University and the rectory”.

Finally, José Vega Araya, Secretary of the Center for Law Students, said that “first of all, I am super happy because there are different institutional actors in this meeting to work on this together, from public policy to resolve the contingencies that affect not only students, but also officials and the community in general. These advances are positive, to talk about security issues, that there are commitments from Carabineros, it is important to be able to work on them. This helps us move forward to be able to bring greater peace of mind to the plenary and see what the feeling of the students will be.”

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A Police booth and remote surveillance with drones: the agreements reached with UDA students | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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