A walk through the mythical saga of Rocky Balboa

These are all the movies linked to the saga Rocky that have hit theaters over the last few decades.

Rockey (1976)

Rocky Balboa is an Italian-American who scrapes by collecting bills for a Philadelphia loan shark. Tired of a life doomed to failure, he takes refuge in a gym where he will try his luck with boxing and a unique opportunity: reach the world heavyweight championship in an epic match against the reigning champion, none other than Apollo Creed. Along the way, he will create a modest family with Adrian, his wife, and an endearing circle that has his coach, Mickey, the person he most trusts.

Rocky I (1979)

After the events of the first movie, Rocky doesn’t think he can make a living from boxing. The defeat against Apollo Creed has brought him back to reality so he looks for opportunities away from the ring. The current champion, the target of numerous criticisms for the outcome of the first match, will have no better idea than, between laughter, jokes and public humiliation, to seek a rematch against Rocky Balboa. That will lead the Italian-American to accept a new confrontation that could have unforeseeable consequences.

Rocky III (1982)

Rocky is the world heavyweight champion but his life is not going through a good time. Mickey, his old coach, has a heart attack and ends up in the hospital. while he receives the challenge of a new contender who wants to take the world title from him. His name is James “Clubber” Lang (played by Mr. T himself). Apollo Creed will be Rocky Balboa’s trainer on this occasion and among many vicissitudes, he will try to stop the enormous strength of his new enemy in two absolutely mythical battles. Especially remembered the final scene of the film. Do you remember her?

Rocky IV (1985)

The saga could not be abstracted from the times of the Cold War that were lived in the eighties between the USSR and the USA, so In this fourth installment, the threat comes from the cold, from Russia. Iván Drago will be the ruthless killing machine who wants to become world heavyweight champion. The problem is that he will cross his path Apollo Creed, a moment in which we will experience an event that will mark the entire future of the saga. Needless to say, Rocky Balboa will have to return to the ring to avenge his friend and bring glory back… to the US? This is, without a doubt, one of the most popcorn installments of the entire franchise.

Rocky V (1990)

With Rocky IV popcorn flew through the rooms with more epic and simple arguments than anything else. But Sylvester Stallone had the wisdom to return five years later, with a story that was much more reminiscent of the first film than those that came later. Rocky Balboa has been diagnosed with a brain injury that doesn’t look good so he decides to retire. Also, to aggravate the situation, he finds out that he is broke because of his accountant. He has to go back to the origins, to his old house, where he will meet Tommy, a young boxer whom he wants to train. The hope of becoming the Mickey of the new world champion will be cut short by a betrayal that will lead the legendary Rocky Balboa to return to the ring.

Rocky Balboa (2006)

When it seemed that the fifth installment was going to be the last of Rocky Balboa, 16 years later, what is to this day the final climax was released. A much more intimate film that focuses on the hard life he leads after his legendary fight against Tommy. Adrian has died and prisoner of melancholy he takes refuge in a restaurant that he runs and that bears his name. One day he will see some images of his fights on television and will understand that, despite the years that have passed, he still has the strength and impetus to climb into the ring one last time.

Creed: The Legend of Rocky (2015)

From this film, a decade after Rocky Balboa, We enter the field of spin off where the legendary boxer leads a quiet life running the restaurant he founded when his wife died. Adonis Johnson Creed, son of his old friend Apollo Creed, will arrive there, who wants the Italian Stallion to train him. After many doubts and friction, in the end the trainer and the boxer will strengthen the ties that they could not maintain for years. Unfortunately, the end of the film leaves us with one last dramatic plot twist.

Creed II: The Legend of Rocky (2018)

The success of the first installment of believe encouraged Sylvester Stallone to continue with this open road around the son of Apollo Creed. Precisely, in this film the paths of Ivan Drago and his son Viktor will meet with those of Adonis, and the possibility will arise that the two heirs settle the pending accounts of their respective families. There is a death that both the boxer and Rocky Balboa want to claim 32 years later while the old legend sees that his life is coming to an end.

What is the future of Rocky?

After the confirmed success of the first two films of believe, it is not surprising to anyone that the third installment is practically ready with a release date scheduled for next 2023 and that will continue in the footsteps followed by the son of Apollo Creed, the legendary boxer who starred in the first installments of the saga. Adonis Creed will thus meet Damian, an old childhood friend, who will challenge him to a boxing match. The person in charge of bringing this old rival colleague to life will be Jonathan Majors, whom you will remember for having appeared in the series lovecraft territory as well as in the television spin-off of Loki. We will also have it present in other productions of the great Marvel franchise that are to come as they are Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, Avengers: The Kang dynasty Y Avengers: Secret Wars, in which he plays Kang the Conqueror. Yes, we have Majors for a while.

The trailer of this new film has already come to light and with it a controversial sound that had been intuiting but that has finally been confirmed: Sylvester Stallone will not be involved in the project, not even behind the scenes. The actor himself recently posted on his networks that he had been completely left out of the film, accusing the producers of stealing the franchise from him and even not giving his character a worthy farewell in Creed III.

In addition, it was also revealed a few months ago that MGM was working on a series based on the famous and fearsome Iván Drago of Rocky IV and is currently under development.. Despite the fact that much is unknown about this new project, we know that it has also unleashed the fury of Stallone himself, who considers that this is extending a saga unnecessarily and that it has not had the approval of the creator of the original work either, being this our dear Sylvester.

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A walk through the mythical saga of Rocky Balboa

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