Alexia Toumikian hits the C5N screen with Veer

At just 16 years old, Alexia Toumikian got her first big contract as a model and settled in India for a year. Upon returning she continued with modeling and studied theater and journalism. In 2013 she took her first steps on television on C5N and coincidentally it is her house that receives her again today.

Veer’s story dates back to the beginning of 2020 when he was offered the opportunity to lead an eclectic magazine that has been on the air for two years and offers half an hour of fun on a tour of restaurants, bars and interviews.

“I came from covering Paris Fashion Week, it was the first time that I was not going as a model but as a journalist and the proposal to do Veer came up. The pandemic just started and we decided to wait a bit but the times were delayed and the channel suggested I start. In 10 days we went out to produce the first program, we did it very quickly because we prefer to start whatever it is”, says the young driver.

Alexia is young, attractive and intelligent. She perceives the overwhelming and expeditious energy of her. And that is why he was not afraid of the challenge and in the midst of a pandemic Veer began on the screen of Channel 9, on Sunday mornings: “It was a big challenge, first because not much was known about the virus and going out on the street was expose yourself At the same time, it was the best thing that could happen to us, because we were able to put our energy and our heads into producing a program that was almost impossible to do. We did everything by zoom and with network content in a studio that we set up in the Mar de Ajó cultural center, because I was quarantining in my home, which is in the Partido de La Costa”, says Alexia.

Veer leaves at 23.59 every Friday on C5N
Veer leaves at 23.59 every Friday on C5N

This is how “Veer” was born and over the months and with the breadth of the protocols, it was transformed into a program that tours restaurants and bars, with interviews with various personalities from art, entertainment and fashion. It is that in Veer a diversity of worlds coexist that complement each other perfectly. “We always try to have a common thread, whether it is related to the person we are going to interview, or to the moment in which we go on the air. This makes the program thematic. We want it to be a healthy and fun program, in which the public relaxes amidst so much chaos in the world and in the process learns cooking tips, or how to prepare a good drink”.

– In a new challenge Veer moves from the C5N screen and at a different time. How do you prepare for this change?

– I am very happy with the new schedule, I adapt well to all the changes. I think there is an audience both for a Sunday morning, which is the people who get up, do some math and turn on the TV, as well as for Friday nights, who are ready to make a drink and put on Veer to have fun with U.S.

-In the program they tour restaurants in the city, prepare drinks and do interviews. What content did you enjoy the most?

– One of the segments that I like the most is the “Tour de Bars”, which I usually do with Fabian Medina Flores, where we have a drinks competition and we have a lot of fun, we have a lot of chemistry and they are very funny.

1665357183 420 Alexia Toumikian hits the C5N screen with Veer

– They have a kitchen segment that is dynamic and useful at the same time with good tips for home cooks. How do you get along with the kitchen?

– To be honest I didn’t know how to cook and in quarantine I started to enjoy the kitchen plan and ritual. Then when I started cooking in these incredible kitchens of the different restaurants that we visited, I was super encouraged to learn. Today I already have several special dishes under my belt and all thanks to Veer.

1665357183 447 Alexia Toumikian hits the C5N screen with Veer

Why do you choose to do television?

– I like television and everything that implies working on it. There is something magical that happens on set, teamwork, pre-production work brainstorming what we are going to broadcast and being able to reach every home in the country.

– Do you plan for the future or do you live in the present?

– There is a great ambiguity in my being, the reality is that I have my goals and dreams, I work hard for that but at the same time I let myself go and surprise me along the way. I am aware that life is very fleeting so I try to be as present as possible and enjoy everything.

Veer leaves at 23.59 every Friday on C5N

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Alexia Toumikian hits the C5N screen with Veer

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