All-Star Superman Black Label Edition Review

One last moment for the Man of Tomorrow

When speaking of the definitive work of Superman, there may be several titles that come to mind. Perhaps the list is not as long as it could be if we were talking about your partner in the Justice League, Batman, but there would be a few candidates. And without a doubt, it would be among them, perhaps together with some work by Alan Moorethe maxiseries that almost three decades ago were made by the scriptwriter Grant Morrison and the cartoonist Frank Quitelya work that we can now enjoy in an edition BlackLabel thanks to ECC Editions.

Cover of issue #12 of All-Star Superman

kryptonians get sick too

The premise of the story is simple but not for that lack of efficiency. Superman is sick. And he behaves in this situation as any of us would. He goes to see a specialist who confirms his worst fears: it looks like something very serious, possibly fatal. His body has become overloaded with excess solar energy, and it appears to be a non-reversible process. What at first seemed like a life that was going to last much longer than that of all his loved ones suddenly transforms into something that is about to expire.

Now Kal-Elwho doesn’t go through the famous five phases of denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance like Earthlings do, is forced to plan his last days, both in the role of Iron Man as in the intrepid journalist Clark Kent.

Of course, evil never rests, so during this last stage of his life, Superman will be forced to interrupt his plans to save humanity a few more times. But he will also have time to have one last special night with Lois Laneto say goodbye to Jimmy Olson and his colleagues in the DailyPlanetto do what is possible because Gallant have a bright future and to leave a true legacy to humanity that goes far beyond stopping the plans of the evil one for the umpteenth time lex luthor.

all star superman 2

Not for all audiences

That this is one of the best Superman stories does not imply at all that it can be a first approach to the character for a new reader. Actually this work is enjoyable especially for those who already love the Kryptonian and who have been reading his adventures for years. That seems to be the purpose of its authors when they started working on this project, and of course they have achieved it. Due to the large number of elements of the character’s mythology that are touched on almost constantly, using these on many occasions not as a mere reference but as the center of a subplot, what we have here is a comic that can be difficult to digest for someone alien to all these concepts.

all star superman 3

The mastery with which this comic is made is unquestionable. Not only do we have a relatively contained Grant Morrison whose love for this character is very noticeable, but he is also with one of the best cartoonists you can find in a comic, someone who has accompanied him on many occasions and who offers us here possibly the best version of himself in terms of work with the screenwriter of The Invisibles refers: the one and only Frank Quitely.

It must be said that at the time the Superman that Quitely brings us here was involved in some controversy due to the peculiar features that he gave to the character, who certainly seems a little squat at times. Aesthetically he may not be the most canonical Superman, but what Quitely does here with him and the prints he gives us are enough points to make anyone cry with emotion…

In short, Morrison and Quitely offer us here an unforgettable story, graphically wonderful, full of emotion and epic that in some respects could be compared to that story by Moore, What happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, despite playing in a completely different league. No fan of the character can afford not to have this tome on their shelf.

The Black Label edition of all star superman published by ECC Editions It is presented in hard cover cardboard format. The volume contains 328 color pages and includes the translation of the American edition of the twelve numbers that make up the All Star Superman maxiseries, as well as a final section with a large amount of extra material. The recommended retail price is €36 and went on sale in October 2020.


all star superman

All-Star Superman (Black Label Edition)

“You have shown them the face of the man of tomorrow.”

Superman is dying from a massive surge of solar energy, and during his last weeks of life he will have to face two survivors from Krypton, alien threats and, of course, Lex Luthor in one last battle for the survival of Earth. . All this while, as Clark Kent, he tries to put his own private life in order in the face of a death that seems imminent and irremediable. Will Superman manage to save humanity one last time? And will he survive the solar poisoning he suffers from? Witness the fate of the Man of Tomorrow in one of his most memorable comics.

Between 2005 and 2008, Grant Morrison Y Frank Quitely they shaped what many consider to be the definitive Superman story. Through 12 deliveries, the creative team responsible for works such as Flex Mentallo, WE3, JLA: Earth 2 either the multiverse addressed the mythology of the Man of Steel, highlighting the greatness and potential of such an iconic character. Winner of the Eisner Awards for Best New Series in 2006 and Best Regular Series in 2007 and 2009, all star superman It is a fundamental work that could not be missing in the DC Black Label Library.

Screenplay: Grant Morrison

Drawing: Frank Quitely


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All-Star Superman Black Label Edition Review

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