All the news, announcements and prizes of the Game Awards 2022: Death Stranding 2, Hades II, new Bayonetta and much more

‘Elden Ring’ has been crowned, to the surprise of absolutely no one (the surprise has been given, in fact, by a spontaneous person who has slipped into the trophy collection), with the GOTY for Best Game of the Year, at a gala that, as usual, it has served as a tremendous showcase for what the industry is going to give in the coming months. Without further ado, because there is a lot to teach, here are all the announcements, trailers and news that we have seen this year.

Let’s start with the winners of the Game Awards of the year

  • Game of the Year (GOTY): Elden Ring
  • Best Direction: Elden Ring
  • Best Narrative: God of War Ragnarok
  • Best Art Direction: Elden Ring
  • Best score and music: Bear McCreary for ‘God of War Ragnarok’
  • Best Sound Design: God of War Ragnarok
  • Best Performance: Christopher Judge for ‘God of War Ragnarok’
  • Best Action Game: Bayonetta 3
  • Best Fighting Game: MultiVersus
  • Best Family Game: Kirby and the Forgotten Land
  • Best Sim/Strategy: Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope
  • Best Sports/Racing Game: Gran Turismo 7
  • Best VR/AR Game: Moss: Book II
  • Best Multiplayer Game: splatoon 3
  • Best mobile game: Marvel Snap
  • Best Indie: stray
  • Best Indie Debut: stray
  • Best Community Support: Final Fantasy XIV
  • Impact games: As Dusk Falls
  • Innovation in accessibility: God of War Ragnarok
  • Most anticipated game: The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom
  • Best adaptation: Arcane: League of Legends

Also awarded in eSports were ‘Valorant’ (best game), Jacob “Yay” Whiteaker (best athlete), LOUD (best team), Matheus “bzkA” Tarasconi (best coach) and 2022 League of Legends World Championship (best event). ), plus Ludwig Ahgren for Best Content Creator

Let’s move on to the ads we’ve seen this year:

Death Stranding 2

Well, this, as it had leaked a few months ago, was the Hideo Kojima’s new project, and not a new installment of ‘Silent Hill’ (we drop dead). Fragile returns (again Léa Seydoux), the axis of the trailer, but also Norman Reedus’ Sam Bridges, much older than in the first installment. And lots of disturbing babies, of course. Kojima has claimed that he completely rewrote this sequel after the ordeal of the global pandemic.

final fantasy 16

Habemus date: June 22, 2023, which from what you can see is going to be the busiest month for AAA releases next year. This new trailer with gameplay It shows the combat system, some history and the latest iteration of Ifrit, and makes clear the franchise’s clear orientation towards action, as has been the case in recent installments.

Hades II

One of the biggest indie sensations of recent times returns with a video showing gameplay. There will be early access in 2023 and we are promised control of a dark sorceress and a darker and deeper world. We will have ancient magic to improve weapons and blessings from the Olympian gods to customize our sinister heroine.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

More dates: March 17, 2023, for the new adventure of Cal Kestis. This story takes place five years after ‘Fallen Order’, with Kestis becoming a true Jedi. In this adventure we will explore different planets, each one with its characteristics, biomes and inhabitants.

Baldur’s Gate 3

August 2023 is the date chosen for the publication of version 1.0 of this game that has already been circulating in Early Access for more than two years. The Forgotten Realms wants to be an absolute immensity worthy of being fully explored and that can be explored alone or accompanied.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

The people of From Software, apart from taking the GOTY award for ‘Elden Ring’, have announced, still without a definitive date beyond 2023, this new installment of the unchained mecha franchise. A spectacular cinematic with the story of a substance discovered on the planet Rubicon 3 gives the atmosphere to this new installment.


The new from Kevin Levine is one of the big surprises of the night. There is no date, but there are formats: PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. And there aren’t too many details about the operation of a game that looks spectacular and is reminiscent of ‘Bioshock’ -Levine’s great success- in space, to the point of seeming like an apocryphal sequel: first-person action and eccentricity in abundance.

The Lords of the Fallen

At last we have gameplay from the reboot of The Lords of the Fallen saga, a kind of reboot of the 2016 game, and set a millennium after that, with a world five times bigger. The iconography is absolutely dark, violent and terrifying.

Dune: Awakening

We can finally see something more of this survival MMO that drinks so much from the last movie of ‘Dune‘ and its future sequel as from the original books. At the moment they are still just crumbs, so we expect more and better in the coming months.

Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon

Radical aesthetic turn for this spin-off of the series that has won the award for Best Action Game and that will arrive on Nintendo Switch on March 17. We will control young versions of Cherry, before becoming Bayonetta, and Cheshire, her first demon. The curious control of this game will be done with the two Joy-Con, one to move Cherry and another for Cheshire.

Street Fighter 6

Another date for June: Street Fighter will arrive on the 2nd, and to celebrate it Capcom shows us a trailer in which Dee Jay, Manon, Marisa and JP, among others, make an appearance.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

The late Kevin Conroy brought Batman to life for the last time in this Suicide Squad game that pays tribute to the actor with this new trailer. We’ll have it on May 26, but we still have no clues about the development or mechanics of this ambitious new superhero title from Rocksteady.

Horizon Forbidden West

Aloy moves to terrain we know well: the Los Angeles hills, with the iconic Hollywood sign prominently displayed. This will be the new expansion of the game, ‘Burning Shores’, which will arrive on April 19, 2023, without clarifying if we can see it on PS4 or only on PS5.

tekken 8

The iconic fighting saga and all its legendary characters return, including the irreplaceable Jin Kazama. There is no date but there is a genuine flavor of classic Tekken in this game that is expected for PS5, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

The great novelty of this expansion of ‘Cyberpunk 2077‘ is the presence of the British Idris Elba giving life to Solomon Reed, FIA agent for the new United States of America. There is no date or rush in which there is one, as long as the thing leave in condition.

Crash Team Rumble

The return of the mythical Playstation franchise (although we will have it multiplatform) comes in a format that lately is becoming common to recover old properties: a frenetic competitive multiplayer to which, to give it salt, a good amount is added on this occasion. of elements taken, of course, from platform games.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2

No date, but with formats: PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC for this highly anticipated sequel to that game that in its day did not receive much attention (it was measured against the ‘Gears of War’, after all), but to which time gave a cult consideration. This new installment has an aspect that collects all the epic and barbarism of the franchise.


Extremely OK Games is the studio that once gave us ‘Light blue‘, and this new indie delicacy seems to replicate all the sense of wonder and visual virtuosity of that classic. Platforms, huge worlds, the essential metroidvania touch and all the style of the studio in a game that is already among the most anticipated for the coming months.

The Last of Us: Part 1

There is already a date for the release on PC of ‘The Last of Us: Part 1‘ which, thus, ceases to be a Playstation exclusive, as it begins to be a common note in all the company’s major releases. Aim for March 3, 2023. By the way, Returnal will also be coming to the system in the coming months.

Super Mario Bros: The Movie

There always has to be a first time, and this is Mario using the famous pipes that move him at full speed through different parts of the Mushroom Kingdom. We’ll see it in the next Illumination and Nintendo movie’super marios bros

Immortals of Aveum

Ascendant Studios presents an original shooter in which instead of weapons we will have spells in the style of ‘Doctor Strange’. An EA game in which industry veterans from titles such as ‘Dead Space’, ‘Halo’ and ‘Bioshock’ have participated.

Crime Boss: Rockay City

A PayDay-style heist shooter set in a kind of regurgitated version of Florida in the 1990s, which adds action and stealth and brings together the best of B-series Hollywood (in other words, the one we like): Michael Madsen , Chuck Norris, Danny Glover, Danny Trejo and (bam!) Vanilla Ice.

Transformers: Reactivate

Transformers is back, although perhaps not in the way we expected: as a first-person online action game for PC and consoles. ‘Overwatch’ with Autobots and Decepticons? Let’s hope so.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

A couple of ghost hunters, also known as Banishers, are the protagonists of this adventure set in 1696 and which promises plenty of action and mystery with role-playing touches. It comes from the hands of Focus Entertainment and Don’t Nod.

remnant 2

The first ‘Remnant’ did not become a massive success, but Gearbox and Gunfire Games propose a sequel that will arrive in 2023 for consoles and PC. Again cooperation for three players in format shooter and with an absolutely insane bestiary.

Hellboy Web of Wyrd

Good old Hellboy, Mike Mignola’s immortal creation, hasn’t had much luck with video games, but things could change with this ‘Web of Wyrd’ that will reach all consoles and PCs, including Switch. The game will work as a roguelitehas a delicious comic aesthetic and an argument created expressly for this proposal

After Us

Piccolo Studio proposes in this game an evocative and gloomy setting: an Earth after the passage of humans through it, in which the players are nothing less than Gaia, the planet’s own spirit. The mission: locate extinct animals and bring them back to life.


For the second year at the Game Awards, a trailer for this promising platformer set in a retro future, an eighties that never existed for a cyberpunkarrada with exquisite aesthetics and that we can’t wait for it to reach our screens now.

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All the news, announcements and prizes of the Game Awards 2022: Death Stranding 2, Hades II, new Bayonetta and much more

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