All versions of Superman in the Marvel Universe

Superman is the most famous superhero in the world and Marvel has made their own versions of the Man of Steel

Superman is, without a doubt, the most famous superhero in the world and Marvel he knows. The House of Ideas has competed with DC Comics throughout the existence of the company. Therefore, they have dedicated themselves to creating versions of the Man of Steel, whether as a parody, tribute or even creating a being more powerful than The Last Son of Krypton.

We leave you with the versions of Superman in Marvel

one of the first modern copies of Superman arrived in 1969 with the superhero hyperionof the Supreme Squad (version of Marvel of the League of Justice). hyperion he can fly, possesses immense strength, speed, and agility, and atomic vision (which is comparable to the Man of Steel’s heat vision). hyperion has a more aggressive personality than the Man of Steel since the Supreme Squad was a deconstruction of the mightiest heroes of DC.

hyperion superman

ikaris of the eternal is another archetype Supermanwith the ability to fly, withstand tremendous physical attacks, and project cosmic energy through his eyes. Gladiator of the Shi’a Imperial Guardr has the same powers as Ikaris and Hyperion and, as in the case of Supermanis vulnerable to magic and certain types of radiation.

But the version of Superman in the Marvel universe most obvious is The watchman (He was even created to be more powerful than his counterpart in DC Comics). Robert Reynolds he can fly, has super strength, super speed, regenerative factor, laser vision, and “the power of a million exploding suns!” However, he suffers from various mental health issues and has an evil counterpart (The vacuum) just as powerful.

watchman marvel superman

The last type character Superman from Marvel it is Blue Wonder. This character made his debut in the miniseries Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel in 2008. Adam Bernard Brashear He got his powers by accident when he exploded an antimatter reactor that was intended to create clean and unlimited energy for the whole world.

Adam survived the blast and gained powers similar to those of the Man of Steel: superhuman strength and endurance, regeneration, flight, heightened senses, power generation, molecular manipulation, and near invulnerability.

blue marvel superman

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All versions of Superman in the Marvel Universe

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