An actress from El Zorro shows off Gran Canaria

The shooting of the series Fox continues its journey through different locations of Gran Canaria to keep carving this Contemporary remake of the Californian hero with a Spanish accent.

One of its actresses, the Mexican Dahlia Xiuhcoatll between rest and rest he enjoys the filming of Gran Canaria, as he has shown through his social networks where he has shown some landscapes of the Gran Canaria summit in the company of his cast colleagues.

the series of amazon It is scheduled to be released throughout 2023 and its recording will continue until the end of the year in Gran Canaria with locations in different municipalities.

Present in Cannes

“When we talk about a Zorro for a new generation, we are not saying that it is necessarily for young people. We want everyone to like it, but that it has a language that young people can understand, that it reaches them, ”explained Javier Quintas, director of episodes of“The Money Heist” either “Prince”, among others, in the presentation of the series at the end of October in Cannes.

Its creator, the Venezuelan Sergio Pizzolantehas spent five years trying to convince producers of the need to remove Zorro from the Hollywood cliché of “Latin lover”, with a mustache and a rose in his mouth.

“He is a character that is over a hundred years old and most people do not realize that Zorro is the basis of the superheroes that came after him,” says Pizzolante, who finally found allies for this project in Spain. , which has been shooting for three months in Gran Canaria.

700 would-be Zorro

“We did a casting of more than 700 people to find our Diego de la Vega, mainly Spanish and Mexican, but in the end we opted for Bernardeau who for us is one of the best actors of his generation,” says the Venezuelan producer, based in Miami.

Adapting Zorro to the language of the new generations has also gone through giving more strength to the female characters, with an indigenous heroine played by Xiuhcoatl, Zorro’s antagonist, and Notni in the skin of Lolita.


Filming of ‘El Zorro’ in the Literary Cabinet
The province

“In this series the women are not waiting for the men to come and save them. It is not a fairy tale but women who are their own heroes, that made me fall in love with the character”, Notni said at the presentation, at the Mipcom international audiovisual market, which is being held in Cannes until this Thursday.

For fifthswho has contributed his taste for the action movies to this series, it’s not about search for a free currencybut to tell the Zorro with the language of this generation.

Nor were the women of 1894 as they were painted in Zorro of the 1950s or in Banderas. Each generation tells its films with its own language. Now we had to pay off this debt, even though the character’s universal values ​​are the same,” says Quintas.

It is about the generation that grew up with Disney’s Zorro “Enjoy it with your children, let Banderas celebrate it and let the kids who have no idea say, as they say in Spain: ‘It’s cool,'” defends Pizzolante.

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An actress from El Zorro shows off Gran Canaria

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