An amazing cosplay of Invincible shows the most sinister version of Superman

There are some really good evil versions of Superman out there, but this Invincible cosplay might just be the best.

Invincible is one of the comic series most successful What have you done Robert Kirkman. This prolific writer has works that have left their mark on the comics industry and possibly the one that is best known is The Walking Dead. the comic of Invincible shows another new attempt to make an evil version of Superman and twisted in the pure style TheBoys like the sadist Patriot.

There Are Very Good Evil Versions Of Superman, But This Invincible Cosplay Might Be The Best

It is curious to see how new versions of Superman away from the original character and the one presented in Invincible is one of the most interesting with a very complicated story. While it is true that there are different evil Supermans in different projects, some are scarier than others. The cosplay of actor Jennings Brower that has made him the antagonist of invincible, omni mancould occupy the first positions of a classification.

An amazing cosplay of Invincible shows the most sinister version of Superman

The Patriot from The Boys alongside Omni-Man from Invincible

omni man is the father of the teenage superhero and protagonist of invincible and is also known as Nolan Graysonn. This curious character earned the reputation of being one of the greatest heroes on the planet Landbut it was all fruit of a deception since it ended up becoming one of the greatest threats the world has seen. In her story it is explained that she was a member of the feared viltrumites and that he left his home planet to go to the Land to help.

However, over time it was discovered that it was all a farce and that his actions were part of an intricate plan. omni man had actually gone to the Land with in order to conquer her. The human life that Nowl Ahn it had taken decades to build with his wife Debby and his son Mark was part of a strategy in which it was intended to achieve the conquest of the Land to join the empire Viltrumite. After his betrayal of the human race, omni man He would face his son** on multiple occasions, each battle more bloody and personal than the last.

An amazing cosplay of Invincible shows the most sinister version of Superman

Invincible and the devastating truth about Omni-Man

the cosplay of omni man of Jennings Brower not only stays true original version of the comic series, but also to the darkness of the character, with the suit of omni man covered with the blood of his latest victims giving a much more sinister touch to the final result. Accompanying your publication, Brower has decided to use a quote from his own omni man which became famous for the adaptation of the animated television series invincible premiered in Amazon-Prime and which has been critically acclaimed. The quote says the following:

Do you want to die for this planet? Good. What is 17 more years? I can always start over… have another child.

This sentence was said by omni man in a confrontation against invincible. In fact, the quote is a cold reminder how loyal he still is Nolan to his lineage Viltrumiteeven above his own family on Earth. The publication of Jennings Brower in its Instagram brings to life both the heroic style and the sinister potential that this evil version of Superman can have. East omni man is clearly a mass icon that went very wrong.

omni man is a character Too complex that retrieves ideas from both characters from Marvel Y DC, but creating something totally different. The design of him is clearly meant to evoke preconceived ideas of what we understand as a hero. However, once the real omni manyour character becomes unique. Brower has managed to get this aspect of the character right and that exposes the lie just below the surface of the heroism of omni man.

An amazing cosplay of Invincible shows the most sinister version of Superman

Omni-Man observing his opponents

omni man has become a culture icon which has gained a lot of fame and reputation. Robert Kirkman created a total success under the idea of ​​how it would be that the invincible protector of the Land suddenly turned against the planet he swore to protect. It would have been easy for a cosplay of omni man came out like any other superhero, but this one brings back the worst of omni man in his wildest side capable to do it all for Viltrumite.

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An amazing cosplay of Invincible shows the most sinister version of Superman

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