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Welcome to a new analysis of Superman & Lois. This time it’s chapter 10 of the second season titled “Bizarre in a Bizarre World”which marks the return in style of the series after its last break and allows us to take a good look at the bizarre world and the counterparts of the series’ protagonists that populate that world.

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In the previous episode we had seen how Superman followed Anderson and Ally through the portal to go to the bizarre world. leaving the earth without its main defender. Now let’s see how the Man of Steel fared on his visit to “the other side.”

Superman arrives in Bizarro World

The first thing you find is Anderson’s skeletal remains and discovers that he cannot speak properly. As happened to Bizarro in our world, Superman speaks backwards and can’t make himself understood. It’s great the moment when he takes to the skies and ends up seeing the Earth and the Sun as a cube, not the circumference shape they have in our universe. It is a clear nod to the representation that the bizarre world has in comics and that is greatly appreciated.

The next thing he does is visit the fortress of solitude of this world and there he meets the hologram of Bizarro’s mother and tells him that her son has died. Later he decides to go to the Kent farm to put his ideas in order. There she meets Bizarro Jonathan who has powers and some really curious looks that we will talk about later. On television they see that Ally has taken control of the bizarre world and when she tells him that her father has died, the young man does not seem too sorry for what we understand that their relationship was not too good. At this moment Bizarro Lois appears to contradict the version of her son and we get to know the past of the characters of this land.

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Bizarro Jonathan with a very special outfit for fans

The bizarre world Kent family is very different from the one we know. Bizarro Kal-El has decided to make his identity known to the world. and thereby launching himself along with his family to the front page of the media. This makes Bizarro Kal-El let himself be devoured by fame and to a certain extent forget what it means to be a hero. Something that becomes more evident when Bizarro Jonathan discovers that he also has powers and wants to use them on his own, without the supervision of his father, whom he accuses of having always left him aside, letting himself be devoured by fame and becoming addicted to Kryptonite- K, which in the long run will end up taking its toll.

The young man is lost, not knowing very well who he is, which makes him an easy prey for Bizarro Ally in a clear parallel with Lucy’s situation in our land. Bizarro Jonathan ends up working for the villain of the story to the desperation of his family, who starts working on a plan to stop her. A plan that culminates in Bizarro Kal-El’s journey to try to redeem himself and ends as we all know.

1652311499 923 Analysis of Superman Lois Season 2 Episode 10 Bizarre
Bizarro Kal-El is very comfortable being famous

On the other hand, Bizarro Kal-El in this world he has a very good relationship with his brother Bizarro Tal-Rho who ends up marrying a Lana Lang that he will develop metahuman powers without us knowing very well how.

In the present, Bizarro Jonathan goes berserk and attacks our Superman to get him to tell him where Anderson and the two pendants are.

To find out what has become of Anderson we have a flashback again where we see his journey in this world. Upon his arrival he tries to unite with his counterpart, but Bizarro Ally tells Bizarro Jonathan to stop him and the young man kills poor Bizarro Anderson (these are the remains that Superman sees when he arrives), so the Anderson of our world has to flee with the tail between the legs. He ends up arriving at the farm where Lois and Sam take him in and where he ends up going to Superman’s aid when Bizarro Jonathan attacks him.

When they manage to immobilize the young man, Anderson and Superman have a moment to clear their heads where the military man breaks down and admits that he was wrong and that he should have listened to the Man of Steel when he warned him about Ally.

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Anderson has a hard time in Bizarro World

At that moment, the two Allys, Tal-Rho and Lana, arrive at the farm, starting a fight that ends with Anderson’s death and with the pendants held by the Allys merging becoming a super-powered entity and urging Bizarro Jonathan to go to the other earth to merge with his other self. Seeing the merger, Tal reconsiders past choices, betraying Lana to allow Superman to escape.

The episode ends with Bizarro Jonathan arriving at Ken’s farm.t where Lois and Jordan are while our Jonathan also appears, leaving everything ready for a new fusion.

episode rating

Buffff, my goodness, what a comeback the series has had. We are without a doubt before the best chapter of the season. It is true that the stories of alternative universes are always very appreciated. But it should also be noted that there isn’t a single minute of filler stories or subplots that get in the way of the main one, so the episode runs like clockwork.

I also really liked the way they tell us about the past of the characters in the bizarre world. That of advancing the story interspersing flashbacks at the right moments gives the action a perfect rhythm that makes the viewer I can’t take my eyes off the screen.

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Hologram of the Anti-Monitor in the Fortress of Solitude

Also, the whole chapter is full of infinity of winks to the vignettes. Starting with that look at the Earth and the Sun in the form of a cube, or Superman’s walk through the Fortress of Solitudewhere we see holograms of the Bottled City of Kandor, the Anti-Monitor and the key to the Fortress.

And best of all, when Bizarro Jonathan has to choose an outfit, he decides to make it as far removed from his father’s as possible, so he opts for a leather jacket with a T-shirt with the symbol of the big S (inverted of course) with red pants. Just the 90’s Superboy outfit from the comics. Just great. And it should also be noted that the S is bloody, as in the Death of Superman stage from the comics. The only but that can be put to the setting of this bizarre world is that somewhat strange punk aesthetic that has its high point in Lana’s wedding dress, quite nonsense.

Everything we see in this episode draws a lot of attention, leaving many pearls that remain in our hearts. I have already commented on other occasions that I would like to see Superman and Tal-Rho interact more, and here we see what a true brotherly relationship between the two brothers would be likewith great chemistry that only loses steam because the bizarre version of Tal-Rho loses steam compared to his devious counterpart from our universe, much more interesting. Although that Lana with powers and an absolute fanaticism for Ally’s cause has enchanted me, it hurts that she doesn’t lavish herself too much.

1652311500 738 Analysis of Superman Lois Season 2 Episode 10 Bizarre
Jonathan and Lana ready to go into action

I also liked the bizarre Kal-El’s fall from grace. It is interesting to see how fame and power lead him to stray from the right path, being a much darker character than the luminous Superman that we are used to seeing. Although in the end, practically broken by his addiction to Kryptonite-K, he will try to redeem himself with the results that we all know.

And speaking of redemption, Anderson’s arc is also very good. It’s exciting to see the character’s anguish trying to make himself understood in such a strange world as he slowly realizes that he had been wrong all along and should have helped Superman. Something that ends up costing him his life. It’s a shame, because he is a character who could have given more of himself.

But the big star of the show is Bizarro Jonathan. If I already like the character of our Earth, this new version has won my heart. I really like how in the first moments he reminds the Superboy of the black jacket of the comics, looking for fame, notoriety and pretty girls (the S gesture with the hands is great). But at the same time he is a young man who feels empty inside, who doesn’t really know what he wants in life.

It’s a great demonstration of the lengths to which young people who hold grudges can go and the danger posed by authority figures who want to take advantage of them. In this sense, Ally Alston is a perfect manipulator in any world and a villain who, although she lacks powers, is still a huge threat.

1652311500 55 Analysis of Superman Lois Season 2 Episode 10 Bizarre
The Superboy from the 90’s comics

The rest of the family members fail to shine as brightly, but the bizarre Lois and Sam are also convincing. The only one who looks pretty bad is poor Jordan. In our universe, he’s a pain in the ass, but at least he has the powers that make him shine. In the bizarre world it is his brother who develops the powers, so here it is nothing more than a zero on the left that hardly has any phrases in the entire chapter.

Finally, seeing the end of the chapter, with that Bizarro Jonathan threatening to join ours, I can only say that I’m looking forward to the next one more eagerly than ever.

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Analysis of Superman & Lois. Season 2. Episode 10. Bizarre in a Bizarre World – Movie Premieres, Movies, Trailers, Series, TV, Comics

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