Animal expert warns of “alarming” viral sighting of a “micoleón fox” in Santa Elena

In the last few hours, on social networks, a video has gone viral that was recorded in a private neighborhood in the southern area of ​​Santa Elena, in Antiguo Cuscatlán, where the sighting of a “micoleón fox” can be seen, which wandered through the parking lots of the residential with a notorious desperation and disorientation.

An expert journalist in animals has created a thread on Twitter where he explains the reasons why the appearance of said animal should be considered “alarming” and that it should also be a point that deserves full attention.

In the thread, the journalist makes a compilation about the species sighted. “A monkey is a procyonid (family of mammals that includes species such as raccoons and nipples). It is not a monkey even if people call it” monkey “, he explains.

In his review, the journalist also highlights the animal’s habitat, stating that it lives in mountainous forest areas such as the Cordillera del Bálsamo, which is a chain of mountains that goes from Sonsonate to the south of San Salvador, and connects between the San Salvador Volcano and Lake Ilopango.

“All these connected forest areas make a biological corridor through which fauna moves, and this is where I want to go: The tweet says that it was found south of Santa Elena, that area borders Nuevo Cuscatlán to the south. Both places are in the Bálsamo mountain range”, he indicated.

The journalist emphasizes the accelerated construction of housing developments since 2007, and emphasizes how urban projects in forest areas displace local fauna.

So that you have all the details about the warning exposed by the expert, we leave you the complete thread below:

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Animal expert warns of “alarming” viral sighting of a “micoleón fox” in Santa Elena

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