Another blow from Zorro

The qualifier of the title is of admiration and respect. I think I’ve written it before. Coach Filiberto Delgado he is an old fighting fox. He is endorsed by Olympic and world medals both in the male (with which he has worked more) and in the female. Yoel Romero, a superstar, defined it for me years ago in another way: “He is a dog forcing us to prepare.” Now he, and of course his inexperienced girls, have just struck a blow.

We are writing from Pan American Championshipin Acapulco, Mexicoand the first thing we have to type we do with a very justified dose of emotion…

When the girls’ morning session ended, and the tables were made for the closing of the afternoon, the Cubans, regardless of what happened in the pending fights, were assured of a performance superior to that of their previous edition, that of Ottawa 2020.

But now with three additional merits to what happened that time on Canadian soil:

1.-Our two medalists at that time did not participate: Yudaris Sánchez (silver in the 68-kilogram division) and Lianna de la Caridad Montero (bronze in 53), who have important results in their records.

2.-The call-ups this time, with the exception of the laureate Milaimys de la Caridad Marín, have not traveled a considerable stretch of the sports road.

3.-The training, on this occasion, as we have already written in previous materials, could not be of the quality of other opportunities, due to renovation work in the Cerro Pelado room.

That joy with a slight touch of magic came to us because Yainelis Sanz (57) and Hangelen Llanes (68) would already go to the fight for the gold medal, while Yoannia Pérez (50) and Yolanda Cordero (62) would go for the bronze. ).

What happened in the end? Sanz finished at the top of the podium! Llanes with the silver one. Pérez and Cordero could not win the fight for the bronze medal. But, we repeat, it was a performance to be satisfied.


What appeared of Llanes in the database of the international union of struggles? Only three competitions, all in Havana, always with silver medals: the 2018 Central American and Caribbean Championship, and the 2018 and 2019 Cerro Pelado, the last two with little international participation.

And what about Sanz? Well, a little more from her: five competitions. In adults, two silver and one bronze, respectively, in the Cerros Pelados in 2018, 2019 and 2020. The other two in the youth category: bronze at the Oaxtepec 2021 Pan American Championship, gold at the Cali Pan American Games, also in 2021.

But those discreet endorsements did not lead them to enter the mattresses with complexes, and they began to win… to win… to win…

Something similar happened with Pérez (we did not find data on her) and Cordero (seventh in Cerro Pelado in 2020, gold and silver in Oaxtepec and Cali).

Sanz was going to have a very difficult time, because we immediately remembered having read an interesting note days before…

“In women’s wrestling, Jane Valencia will be to watch, after becoming the first female Mexican wrestler to participate in the Olympic Games, in Tokyo 2020 (eleventh). The athlete, who is also a doctor, will look for a good result before her public, ”reflected the site

And by the way, we were fired by the desire that more and more of our athletes also graduate from other careers, not only in the very important University of Physical Culture and Sports Sciences, where it is reported that more than 80% have graduated. of Olympic and world champions.

Sanz beat the Dominican María Marilín Gonzales de La Rosa (10-0 superiority), in a very tough fight against the Brazilian Giullia Rodrigues Penalber de Oliveira (12-10), and the American Cameron Jaylynn Guerin (12-7). Yes, she scored… 34 points (and 17 against)!

There were well-founded forecasts that pointed to a final between the American Guerin (gold in the 2017 Lauro de Freitas Pan American Games and Fortaleza 2018, bronze in the 2021 Guatemala City) and Rodrigues Penalber (gold in the 2020 Ottawa and Guatemala City 2021, and bronze at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games).

But… Sanz beat them both!

In the final, after having beaten the American Jaylynn Guerin and the Brazilian Rodrigues Penalber, she did the same, spoiling the party at home, with… Dr. Valencia herself, after stamping a comfortable score of 5-1 on the board. .

Llanes beat the Peruvian Yanet Ursula Sovero Nino (5-3), the Colombian Paula Andrea Montoya García (9-1), the Dominican Yessica Coraima Oviedo Pérez (a sweaty 6-4), one that we have seen compete here in several opportunities in the Cerro Pelado tournament, silver medalist in the Pan American Games of Lauro de Fleitas 2017 and Guatemala City 2021, and bronze medalist in the Central American and Caribbean Games Barranquilla 2018.

Thus, the scene was ready for her final against the Venezuelan Soleymi Antonieta Caraballo Hernández, silver in the Central American and Caribbean Games of Veracruz 2014 and in Barranquilla 2018, on that occasion defeated by the Cuban Yudaris Sánchez. She couldn’t beat her, because she showed up overwhelmingly and took a superiority of 12-2. Where there is revenge, there is no grievance..?


Not everything turned out happy…

A bucket of ice water fell on us Cubans in the quarterfinals of the maximum women’s division (the 73 kilograms): the highly awarded Milaimys de la Caridad Marín, our main trump card, could not debut with victory , after losing 3-4 in a fight as important as it was hard-fought.

We do not forget that Marín was champion of the First Youth Olympic Games Buenos Aires 2018, and then the world championship among youth, in Tallinn 2019, and under 23 years old, in Budapest, also in 2019.

The one who got in the way was the Colombian Tatiana Rentería, who later beat the Dominican Emelyn Anyelina Bautista Corcino 8-0 in the quarterfinals, but gave in (4.4!) to the Ecuadorian Genesis Rosangela Reasco Valdez, who had already He had won silver at the Pan American Guatemala City 2021.

This setback by Rentería hurt us Cubans in passing in a special way: it meant that ours could not be promoted to the possibility of reaching one of the two bronze medals.

Let’s remember it now: Rentería was runner-up in the Belgrade 2021 Under-23 World Cup, a type of contest in which the Cuban had previously been invincible in Budapest 2019.

This time the Colombian went for one of the bronze medals against a well-known Canadian Justina Renay di Stasio (now the 3-2 winner): gold in the 72 division at the 2018 Budapest Adult World Cup, bronze in the Paris 2017; three times first in the Pan American Games: Frisco 2016, Lauro de Freitas 2017 and Ottawa 2020 (in which Marín finished fifth); and who we saw very closely win silver in her own home during the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games.

Well, and with that endorsement… who did Di Stasio lose to? Her executioner, because she didn’t get a bucket of ice water, but a jug, was now Rosangela.

Meanwhile, the other bronze ended in the neck of the Venezuelan María José Acosta.

The duel for the crown was starred by the American Dymond Precious Guilford (silver at the 2019 Pan American Guatemala City, eleventh at the 2019 Trnava Youth World Championship), and the aforementioned Rosangela, with victory for the northerner after a very close 1-1.

My imagination runs wild. The Zorro of the novels and movies lived during the Mexican era of California (1821-1846), although some adaptations have placed him during the viceroyalty era.

And right now I seem to see Filiberto Delgado, in Mexico itself, raising the index finger of his right hand and doing… Z!

We wish to give thanks to the writer of this short article for this amazing web content

Another blow from Zorro

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