Army of Thieves is a very acceptable prequel to Army of the Dead, but… – Spoiler Time

Matthias SchweighöferGerman actor and director, manages to outpace zack snyder with a more concise and effective film than Army of the Deadwhich is within the same universe or belongs to the same saga. Army of Thieves (Thieves Army) works as a prequel to what was done by snyderbut with a much better story, more action and without an unnecessary wallowing in style that can make it look tedious and pretentious.

Don’t get me wrong: I love it zack snyder and his way of making movies, but it must be recognized that what some people like does not seem so good to others.

Ludwig Dieter (Matthias Schweighöfer) is an attempt by a YouTuber who explains in his videos how to open a trilogy of safes that are a legend that he wants to discover. He is contacted by a strange woman who invites him to participate in a safe-opening contest, all secretly. The lonely man Ludwig He accepts and is the winner, but he realizes that it was all a type of selection for a job: robbing the safes that he dreams of so much.

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The film, although it is a prequel, looks different in cinematographic style, and that is felt from the beginning, from the first sequence.. Although it has a link to the work of snyder, Matthias Schweighöfer builds a story far from the vices of snyder as a filmmaker and writer: I mean that the director knew how to make his own robbery movie and this is because they only have in common the character created by snyderwhich at the same time runs parallel to the zombie pandemic.

If we look back, Army of the Dead was the way in which its director demonstrated to Warner Y DC Comics that there were producers who respected his style, his vision for an entire project. Unfortunately, although the tape is not bad, it talks a lot with the context of a director and that contaminates his work. It is long, redundant and often, despite having the opportunity not to be, very boring. He loses opportunities to have great action scenes, very good characters… However, he lets them pass in order to achieve self-referential style gloating.

Matthias Schweighöfer achieves a great heist moviewith scenes of persecution and action with an interesting handling of cameras that do not seem to come from a first film. I also think it has a lot to do with what snyder is found as a producer, and although it has traces of his influence, it is noticeable that Zack he provided complete freedom to manipulate his character as the story needed.

It is also much more concise, short and hooks the viewer with characters, not deep, but very funny, including Dieterin whom he focuses more on providing a complete background that links him with the team that we saw in Army of the Deadwhich is very interesting and leads you to see the film of snyder again.


I don’t see any buts. This is a film that recharges a lot on the charisma of the character of Ludwig Dieter and his skill and obsession with a certain type of safe, a role that probably went unnoticed before and now carries an entire movie on its shoulders and does it well.

In summary

Army of Thieves (Thieves Army) is a fun movie that leaves you wanting more about a universe that is taking shape in the hands of zack snyder.

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Army of Thieves is a very acceptable prequel to Army of the Dead, but… – Spoiler Time

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