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At the Caldera station cultural center, cultural managers from Atacama met to develop the closure of the School of Community Cultural Management together with the corresponding certification, in this school they worked from November (2021) to April (2022) through collaborative, associative and mutual coordination between the components of the OCC Table of Atacama, this thanks to the Cultural Network Program of the region, within the framework of the Strengthening of Community Cultural Organizations Component.

The mayor of Caldera Brunilda González, the Seremi of Culture, Arts and Heritage, Roberto Córdova, representatives of the Ministry of Education, teachers and cultural managers were present at the opening ceremony, on the occasion the representatives of each commune delivered the balance made in their communities.

Brunilda González, mayor of Caldera, indicated “On this occasion we are accompanying the cultural managers of our region in the closing of their Community Cultural Management School where they have strengthened the work of the territories and where a proposal is being delivered not only to the government of President Gabriel Boric, but also to our communal governments and the regional government, we hope that cultural organizations can emerge stronger from this closure of this school in this period of recovery after this pandemic where art and culture enhance communities. communities”.

One of the main objectives of this school was to strengthen the formation of community cultural organizations, generating more spaces for participation and providing tools that are fully related to issues of cultural management, cultural policies, project design, among others, that will enhance the collaborative work in each of the Atacama territories.

Roberto Córdova, Seremi of culture, arts and heritage of Atacama, said “Today marks the end of an important milestone such as the completion of the School of Community Cultural Management where tools have been delivered to be able to participate and strengthen the management of each one of the managers and that it was financed through this ministry and that has made it possible to strengthen the territorial bases of our country that are very much in tune with the vision of our government, which is to reach all communities and that is why the Red Cultura Program focuses precisely on that of reaching all sectors of our region, the idea is to continue working with community organizations that are important for regional development from the communes”.

During the day, the cultural managers exchanged experiences from their own communes, carrying out playful work and finally the certifications were delivered by the teachers Roberto Guerra and Joliete Otarola. Finally, Claudia Alvear, president of the Communal Union of Cultural Groups of Caldera “Today we have the closure of a training process that we had as community cultural organizations that was worked through the regional table and that was financed by the Red Cultura program, we had a community cultural management school where we acquired a lot of knowledge based on community work today we close this process and happy to be the hosts of this event of great magnitude hosting cultural managers from the entire region”.

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Atacama cultural managers met in Caldera | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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