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Spike Chunsoft has released new details about Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODEthe Lucid-Noir adventure game from the creators of the series danganronpawhich is scheduled for release in spring 2023 in North America and Europe.

A trailer that brings us information about the game setting, characters, game mechanics and other basic elements and that you can discover below:

Find out more about Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE

In Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE We will face unsolved cases in Kanai Ward, a strange city caged by endless rain.

The game takes place in Kanai Ward, a strange city where it rains constantly. The city is divided into several areas, each with a different atmosphere. Kanai Ward is also home to a mega-corporation.

Both the city and the company have grown together, but for some time the city has been under the control of the mega-corporation. The government does not function properly, and due to its isolation, there is little interference from the outside world. In Kanai Ward, no one can stand against the mega-corporation, which leaves many mysteries unsolved.

A look at the characters

Here is a brief description of the main characters of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE:

Yuma Kokohead – Japanese VA: Katsumi Fukuhara – English VA: Lucien Dodge

The protagonist suffers from amnesia. His background is unknown, but he was in possession of documents indicating that he was posted to Kanai Ward as a trainee detective at a city agency.

Participate in ongoing investigations. Lack of self-confidence results in a tendency to complain frequently. However, he possesses a strong sense of justice and selflessly tries to help anyone in need.

shinigami – Japanese VA: Sayumi Suzushiro – English VA: Anjali Kunapaneni

A death god hired to hunt down Yuma. Usually he appears in his spirit form. Only visible to Yuma, Shinigami are constantly floating and swaying next to him.

Though cheerful and talkative, this death god’s sense of morality is far removed from that of humans. His words and actions sometimes confuse Yuma. In Mystery Labyrinth, he transforms into a humanoid form and has the power to intervene in affairs.

In addition, master detectives will use specialized powers in investigations. Among the detectives belonging to the World Detective Organization, there is a detective with a specialized power called Forensic Forte which helps in their research activities.

The Master Detective They are experts in criminal investigation. Using their abilities, they are able to obtain information and evidence that would not otherwise be available to ordinary people. Along with Yuma, they take on difficult cases in Kanai Ward.

An overview of the game mechanics

In Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE We will have to carry out investigations throughout the city and get to the bottom of a case in Mystery Labyrinth.

will touch us walk the streets and investigate. The entirety of Kanai Ward is rendered in 3D and can be freely explored. We will visit various locations, including crime scenes, and collect clues by conducting interviews. We will avoid missing hidden clues by thoroughly examining the crime scene from various angles.

We will progress through the Mystery Labyrinth, a realm that embodies the mysteries of the real world, and solve puzzles related to the case to get to the truth. The Labyrinth of Mystery is a space where human beings cannot interfere, nor can the mega-corporation suppress and cover up inconvenient truths.

The Mysterious Labyrinth changes its appearance as we go through it. We will have to move towards the hidden truth while solving the various forms of puzzles that appear along the way.

As we progress through the mysterious labyrinth, we will face mysterious ghosts in fights to the death by reasoning. Mysterious ghosts are the embodiment of the will of the person trying to cover up the case and prevent the truth from being revealed. They stand in front of us and argue against our deductions.

In a fight to the death by reasoning, it is vital to identify the contradictions while dodging the claims unleashed by a mysterious ghost. We will face the contradictions with the evidence and kill the Mystery Phantom with Solution Blade to defeat it.

Mysterious ghosts appear in the form of characters in the game, but the person modeled by the mysterious ghost may not necessarily be the culprit. In some cases, the Mystery Phantom is the embodiment of the will of the person who is trying to cover up the case for reasons other than being the culprit.

Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE It will arrive on Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2023 and will do so in two editions, the standard (59.99 euros) and the Limited Edition for 109.99 euros.

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[Avance] First details of Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE for Switch – AllGamersIn

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