Bad Bunny vs. Logan Paul: the fighter insults the singer because of taxes

The American influencer, Logan Paul, came out in defense of the attacks he has received since he moved to Puerto Rico; and he threw him with all the Puerto Rican singer bad bunnywhom he called a “hypocrite”.

“I have heard rumors that there is a journalist who is doing a profile, I am feeling that the narrative anti Logan on this island has had too much fire against me to ignore completely. At some point I had to express myself, “Paul explained in an interview with the TV channel Youtube of Philip DeFranco.

The boxer also claimed to be an ally of the Puerto Rican people and exploded against the interpreter of Pretty eyes for having benefits in Puerto Rico and spends his time criticizing the beneficiaries of the investor laws foreigners on the island.

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“It seems to me hypocrite, bad bunny is a Puerto Rican, living in Puerto Rico who privately benefits from the same tax benefits that he publicly condemns,” added Logan Paul.

The youtuber remembered the music video of The blackoutwhere he Bad bunny includes the documentary by the journalist Bianca Graulau, where she talks about the Law 60 and how the arrival of foreign investors in Puerto Rico has displaced the people; in the post called people live here they refer to the Paul brothers.

Logan Paul has made important contributions to Puerto Rico

The American added that despite not paying taxes at his residence in Puerto Rico has collaborated with the remodeling of gyms, in addition to multiple donations.

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“I think it’s easy to point at me and my brother and put us like main figures. We’ve been here a year and a half, we’ve remodeled two boxing gyms, we’ve donated hundreds of thousands of dollars. Jake sponsored Amanda Serranoa Puerto Rican boxer who was earning $10,000 per fight and now wins millions under his boxing promotion company, we moved here to train,” he explained.

Logan Paul responds to those who claim that the maneuvers in WWE are false

After his performance in wrestlemania 38the influencer logan paul He took the time to answer all the WWE critics, to whom he assured that none of the maneuvers they see on television has been false.

Just as it happened with bad bunny In 2021, Paul performed well in the ring, to the extent that he managed to win alongside The Miz in the fight they had against Rey Mysterio, who was accompanied by his son Dominic.

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The former fighter will be the top creative officer in the company

“It’s electric. When there’s someone you love in that ring and doing those moves… by the way, I didn’t practice any of those moves. That surface is hard, it does not bounce, it is not a trampoline, it does not yield. It is wood plywood, it’s wood. ‘Wrestling is fake’. He shuts his mouth, I’m in pain. The left side of my body is killing me right now. Those are real hits, they hurt. Even in training, by doing those moves, you’re going to engage your body before the fight,” Paul said.

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Bad Bunny vs. Logan Paul: the fighter insults the singer because of taxes

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