Bar Kojak, the best squid sandwich in Gran Canaria

In 1975 opened a small bar next to the Altavista Marketat a time when the neighborhood of little stairs it was more alive than ever, with a large number of shops and premises overflowing with customers. Little by little, the Kojak Bar was gaining fame among the neighbors and today, 47 years later, it persists better than ever thanks to Miguel Angel Vizcaino. The success of the establishment founded by his father has allowed him and his six brothers to open four other establishments on the island, with which they continue the family legacy.

The squid sandwiches are its star dish, to the point of having become the bar that sells this food the most through the application of Glovo in Las Palmas. It should be noted that it is the third province that sells this dish the most through the application, only behind Valladolid and Zaragoza. The secret of this dish, says its owner, is found in the local raw material with which the sandwich is created and in the seasoning that is given to the squid in the kitchens.

For many residents of the neighborhood it has become a custom go daily to the Kojak and pick up some of the island’s most popular snacks. The bar offers different options for all tastes, ranging from the traditional version of bread and squid to the beastly sandwiches, which add other ingredients such as lettuce, cheese, ham and tomato.

The bar also offers its services through other platforms such as Uber Eats either Just Eat. “I think it is a necessary tool. There are types of food that cannot arrive at your house as you want, but there are others that can. In this case, a sandwich can be transported without problems, just like some potatoes or a soft drink. The delivery what he is demanding now is fast food so that it arrives at your house hot“, assured Vizcaíno about the use of these applications for the bar. When the pandemic began, it was these tools that allowed the family’s cafeterias to reopen earlier.

Squid sandwich from Bar Kojak, chosen as the most chosen in the province by the Glovo application. Juan Carlos Castro

The novelty of home delivery and the recent use of terraces for its establishments coexist at Bar Kojak along with the tradition of its dishes and the loyalty of its first guests. Such is the case of Ferdinand Quintanaowner of a vegetable stand in the Altavista Market since 1975 and that, After becoming the bar’s first customer, he continues to come to the bar every day to eat.

In their early years, the Vizcainos began to become famous for the sandwiches they sold at the Juan Ramon Jimenez Street. It was a decade after its opening when Domingo, the oldest of the brothers, began to add other ingredients, such as fried eggs, to sandwiches and croissants, giving rise to the ‘beastly sandwiches‘ for which the bar is recognized.

The place, famous for its sandwiches, has expanded the menu to offer traditional Canarian dishes

Since 1975, the changes that have been carried out have focused on modifications to the exterior and interior appearance of the premises and on expanding the food offer. The letter now contains traditional Canarian dishes such as ropavieja, sancocho, stews or soups, among others, which are having quite a bit of success among customers. The bar is still well known for its sandwiches, but more and more people are coming for lunch with its menu of the day.

“We are a large family and my father’s influence was very positive for all the brothers. He taught us what family and hospitality are and To this day we are all united and we dedicate ourselves to the same business“, assured Miguel Ángel about his father, who set up the cafeteria after arriving from Africa, where he worked in phosphate. Since they were little, his six children were taking their first steps in the hotel industry in this place.

The brothers currently run five stores in total, four of which are located in The Gran Canarian palms and one in fear. In the same street as the bar are the Kojak Chicken Rotisserie and the Chukuluky Pizzeria. In addition to these, they own another bar with the same name in the Vegueta neighborhood and the Cafeteria Pabeliin Terror.

Home delivery applications “are a necessary tool” for some types of food, says Vizcaíno

Miguel Ángel sees that the future of the business will consist of continue investing in food deliverybecause they have noticed an increase in sales of this type, and in bet more on the terraces. “Before, we Canarians used to see eating outdoors as a foreigner, but now we have it as an option to sit down and have a pitcher of beer. I think that will be the change,” said Vizcaíno.

The Escaleritas neighborhood has undergone a radical transformation since the store opened its doors in 1975. At that time, the market next to the store had only been open for a few years, but it attracted many visitors from the city. However, today it only occupies 34 of its 63 premises and the lack of financing for the rehabilitation and promotion of the place marks its future.

Measures are currently being considered to recover commercial activity in the market, such as aid for new businesses, but the truth is that the deterioration of the building puts the site in a worrying situation. For the Vizcaíno family, which has three different establishments in that area, the state of Altavista Market It causes them significant concern.

Despite the fact that the bar is influenced by the market situation, from which many workers and customers come, the home delivery and the terraces have allowed the three family premises keep your sales among the neighbors of the area. This is demonstrated by the hustle and bustle of the Kojak, where customers from all over the island flock every day to eat some of the most famous sandwiches in the capital.

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Bar Kojak, the best squid sandwich in Gran Canaria

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