Barry Keoghan talks about the possibility of making Eternals 2!

Actor Barry Keoghan, who plays Druig in the Eternals movie, says he hasn’t heard from Marvel about the sequel.

In an interview with Uproxxthe actor Barry Keoghan admitted not yet been contacted by Marvel to return to a sequel to the tape Eternals like Drug.

And it is that since the continuation of the heroes did not figure on the map of the next two phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universemany doubts have been raised about whether it will even be considered at some point in the study’s strategy.

In this regard, Barry Keoghan commented that he is always in contact with Kumail Nanjiani, who plays kingo in the film, assuring that it is he who You are always aware of all the information of the study and the upcoming adaptations of the comics to the screen.

“I always ask him if we are going to San Diego Comic-Con. I’m like, ‘Hey, do you know if we’re going to San Diego next year for the Eternals?’ but we’ll see where this goes, I’d love to know.”

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Eternals will not have a sequel?

At the moment the plans of the MCU in relation to the Eternal team remain a mystery, because beyond the return of Kit Harrington on tape Bladeit is unknown what will happen to the rest of the team, whose story was left in cliffhanger at the end of the first tape.

Furthermore, although it has not been addressed on a large scale, clearly the rise of the Celestial has had an impact on the rest of the MCU, which has been replicated in news within series such as She-Hulk.

“There are a lot of places that I think the characters could go and the Celestials as well.” Barry Keoghan mentioned “I am very curious to know what Kevin and Victoria Alonso plan to do with all that.”

On the other hand, the return of the Eternals would also imply the official presentation of Harry Styles as Eros, brother of Thanos who in theory should have a great impact on the continuation of the story.

In August of this year there were rumors about Chloe Zhao retaking her role as director for eternal 2, in addition to some leaks where risk actors were wearing suits again of characters like Sersi (Gemma Chan) and Ikaris (Richard Madden)although it is unknown if such a presence is part of the sequel or some other project.

On the return of Chloé Zhao, Barry Keoghan comments that he would be “Delighted to work with her again.” “It’s amazing, Chloé is a great person who I would love to collaborate with again, without a second thought.”

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What is the plan of the MCU?

The absence of the Eternals in the calendar is added to that of Hawkeye, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Shang-Chi, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man and Doctor Strangewho until now have not been considered as part of the following actions of the great system of the MCU.

Several of these characters were presented during Phase 4, so its absence is really confusing, especially while Marvel plans to kick off one of its biggest stories: Secret Wars.

For now, it is known that the focus of the next phases points to several of the most popular titles of the franchise that will seek a second wind under Feige’s hand, between them fantastic four Y Blade. In addition, the attention will fall with much more force on stories like the marvels, where Iman Vellani will be added to Brie Larson and Teyonah Parris.

On the other hand, the trigger for the next events in the MCU is expected to be Secret Invasionthe story centered on Nick Fury and Maria Hill as they try to figure out what new threat has infiltrated our planet.

Between so many narrative lines no wonder that Eternals has been temporarily pushed asideHowever, an official continuation announcement for the story may be coming soon. After all, it’s the first means of contact with the Celestials, Featured enemies of various heroes in the MCU and precursors to several of the most iconic battles in comics.

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Barry Keoghan talks about the possibility of making Eternals 2

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Barry Keoghan talks about the possibility of making Eternals 2!

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