Batman and Superman will have as an enemy this member of the Justice League

With a series of covers on this new Batman and Superman comic, it seems that the heroes will face this powerful member of the Justice League.

batman and superman

Over the years our favorite cartoon heroes have had to face to a large number of characters who have made things quite complicated for them, always having a clear orientation towards evil. At first, rare is the occasion when they have to face some other herobut it has also been possible in the comics, since there are mental controls or conflicts of interest, if not they tell Iron Man and Captain America with Civil War.

The thing is, it’s not a custom that this is done between heroes as suchsince those confrontations between villains or antiheroes are the most common, since they usually tend to carry out actions focused on evil and making life difficult for our heroes. Today we have to focus on DC Comics and the great heroes of the publishing house that represent it so much and that are so famous. have raised over the years: Batman and Superman.

two great friends within the comics that many times have had to join forces to face greater evils, it seems that now they will do it again to face a member of the Justice League. Being more concrete, He is one of the founding members of this addition to being a great friend of these characters as well, but we do not know the reason that has led him to confront them, since it is about one of the most powerful duos of allalthough sometimes they laugh at themselves.

Hal Jordan versus Batman and Superman

Featuring the Batman/Superman: World’s Finest series these two great heroes have been brought together again and bringing Mark Waid into a DC Comics story. These are two things that do not seem so striking, but bearing in mind that Waid hadn’t brought a story to this publisher for over 10 years, things change. Even so, it seems that he wanted to bring us a most interesting story, but that will not put aside the possible enmity with other characters.

Thanks to a series of covers, in addition to a promotional video of this new limited series for the publisher, it seems that they would have revealed part of its plot to us, although its first issue is now available for DC Comics. However, it seems that our heroes will join forces against a greater evil known as Nezha, who seems to use red kryptonite in his favor, something that can explain that one of the threats to our partner his superhero friend Hal Jordan.

We don’t want to bet anything, but It seems excessively strange to us that such a powerful character and with ideas as clear as Green Lantern is, he has to antagonize the two great heroes of the publisher for no apparent reason. many already they are theorizing that it will be the influence of red kryptonitesomething that would have generated hallucinations in our character and would have led to this confrontation.

Now you can enjoy this new story of Batman and Superman

It is true that the relationship between these two great heroes has had some other ups and downs, but in general it has been good. The same cannot be said of the relationship of each of them with Hal Jordan, since between Batman and the Green Lantern there have been more than words sometimes in which the two were in perfect condition, both physically and mentally.

will still have to wait a little to be able to enjoy all this, since it seems that, although we already have the first issue on sale, this will happen in the fourth issue of the Mark Waid and Dan Mora series. The number in which this threat will take place and will be the new great enemy of these two heroes will hit stores on June 21, meanwhile we They will prepare with the previous numbers to be able to intuit what is really going to happen here.

batman and superman

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Batman and Superman will have as an enemy this member of the Justice League

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