Batman Beyond: Creator thinks it’s time for a movie

If there is anything more iconic than comics from Batman, that is”The Animated Series”, a series released in 1992 of which a large number of its original characters are now an important part of the stories of the universe DC.

This same would have reached a level of popularity so great that when it came to an end in 1995, its developer Bruce Timm would work on a sequel/spin off titled “batman beyond”, which would present for the first time an old BruceWayne as a counselor and mentor to a new Batman to keep order in GothamCity.

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The series would take place in the year 2039, with the city receiving the name of Neo Gotham. The bat’s mantle has been bequeathed to Terry McGinnis. Although at first the series would have a soft style, over time it would prove to have the ability to take on even darker themes than its predecessor, the movie being a clear example “Return of the Joker”.

With recent reports pointing to the return of Michael Keaton for the movie “Flash”, much has been speculated about the possible addiction of the character of McGinnis In the not too distant future. It would be during a recent interview with syfy in which Timm would share his impressions on a possible Live Action version for the extended universe of DC.

Although Timm believes that it would not be a cheap film in terms of production costs, he believes that there are definitely cinematic possibilities in the story. “Honestly, the idea of Michael Keaton doing it is great. He looks too good,” she comments.

I know he’s probably in his mid 60’s now, but he looks pretty good to be past that age. I like that my old Brice Wayne is really old. But who knows? It certainly could still work. He looks like he can kick most ass.

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With the filming ofbatman”, tape in which Robert Pattinson take the role of BruceWayne under the direction of Matt Reevesthe plans about a movie of “batman beyond” are limited to mere speculation. The projects of Warner Bros they still remain uncertain and it only remains to be seen the results of the director’s cut of “Justice League”, to see how the franchise will continue.

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Batman Beyond: Creator thinks it’s time for a movie

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