Batman: Earth One review

The screenwriter Geoff Johns and the cartoonist Gary Frank Batman’s adventures begin in the Earth One universe in a magnificent volume published by ECC Ediciones

There are not a few times that we have seen in vignettes how the young BruceWayne lost his parents on a tragic night, how that pearl necklace fell on a bloody sidewalk and how the child became by force of will the Caped Crusader. But it would not be unreasonable to say that we have never seen it as it is shown to us Geoff Johns Y Gary Frank in a collected volume ECC Editions published under the title Batman: Earth One.

An inexperienced Batman

As soon as we open the volume we find a scene that we have seen many times. On the rooftops of Gotham City a criminal flees pursued by a dark figure, a hunter who goes after his prey like a lion chasing an antelope. But unlike usual, this hunter is not as perfect as one might expect and a poorly timed jump causes him not only to land painfully on a garbage bag left on the sidewalk, but also to return home pitifully and with fear. spirits down.

East Batman after this sequence is almost closer to the Bat of Alvaro Ortiz than to Dark Knight of Frank Miller. But it’s really not that big of a deal. What happens is that what we are presented with here is an inexperienced young Batman who is not as unbeatable as the character we are used to seeing. This Batman is fallible, he is learning and he still has a long way to go. He to a certain extent he has many points in common with the Batman played by Robert Pattinson in batmanIf we remember, for example, the famous scene in which he throws himself from the roof…

Batman: Earth One

Gotham City: Earth One

The version of Gotham City that we are going to find here is not radically different from the one we know from traditional continuity, but both in the city and in the surroundings of our protagonist we find a good number of peculiarities.

alfred pennyworth not the stuffy English butler out of The Crown what we expect, but he is a battle-hardened soldier who has been the main teacher of young Bruce. The Penguin still a crime boss, but here Oswald Cobblepot He has started a political career that has led him to become the mayor. But Harvey Dent and her twin sister Jessica Dentchildhood friends of Bruce, have not been fooled by him and will be his scourge from the prosecutor’s office. Harvey Bullock he’s a bright and ambitious model cop who’s new to the department. And, in general, we are going to find ourselves with a familiar environment but much more attached to reality than a world full of heroes in tights… at least in principle.

Batman: Earth One

The path of the watchman

In each of the three arcs included in this compilation volume we are going to find a threat that Batman will have to face, although it is true that behind it we will have a general plot that will evolve and give context to the entire work. The first arc is more concerned with introducing us to the city and the characters than anything else, but even so, we will have a kind of psychopath who will end up having the very same Barbara Gordon. You have to start somewhere…

In the second arc, the evolution in all aspects of the plot is considerable and the main villain will be Enigma, whose appearance had been left as a cliffhanger from the first arc. Characters like cat woman will take center stage and the tragedy in the form of acid will reach the Dents while Barbara is already toying with the idea of ​​becoming batgirl

And already in the third arc, as is typical in trilogies, the authors will take us to the beginning of everything and Bruce’s family tree will be the one that carries the weight of the plot, providing the reader with many surprises while the relationships between the main characters continue to lead them down very interesting paths. And finally, an evocative cliffhanger that makes it clear that the story does not end here, something already evident by the point at which some subplots had been left, foreshadowing that the future of Batman: Earth One is going to be tremendously interesting.

Although Batman is not Geoff Johns’ favorite toy, the author’s treatment of the character on this occasion is praiseworthy. Johns makes Bruce Wayne a flesh and blood person and not an invincible hero. He makes mistakes, he has doubts and he is not three steps ahead of everyone, but on many occasions he is even behind the others. But all this, which some Batman fans may not like, makes him a character subject to a very interesting evolution and full of edges with which Johns can have fun…

Batman Earth One 4

But not only Batman lives this story. Johns does what he does best here: he takes advantage of all the freedom that having a Gotham City (and his characters) outside of continuity gives him to create his own cohesive and well-grounded version. He finally ends up signing a work that should be among the most outstanding in the history of the character without a doubt, and a great first meeting for those readers who have not yet approached him (are there any left?).

But all of Johns’s work would be half done if it weren’t for his friend Gary Frank’s incredible ability to translate all of this into vignettes. The virtues of Frank’s style should not be a surprise to anyone, but it never hurts to emphasize that few cartoonists are as well gifted as he is for purely superheroic stories, and it is something that he demonstrates with each work. Frank not only leaves us action splash pages that are worth hanging in a museum, but his character design is spectacular (despite the fact that there are those who may have a problem with Batman’s eyes, but it is what has the tone realistic of the series) and its narrative is completely free of errors.

In short, Batman: Earth One is a comic that stands on its own merits in one of the best superhero origin stories ever made, with permission from the Batman: Year One by Miller, and this volume is the best chance there is to get hold of it…

This volume that comes to us under the title of Batman: Earth One It is presented in hard cover cardboard format. The volume contains 472 color pages and includes the translation of the American edition of the first three volumes that make up the series. Batman: Earth One, as well as the original covers of each of the numbers included and a gallery of covers at the end. The recommended retail price is €45 and was put up for sale in September 2022.

Batman Earth One

Batman: Earth One

Years ago, a murderer ended the lives of Thomas and Martha Wayne before the stunned eyes of their son Bruce. Now, the wealthy heir has taken on the identity of a nighttime vigilante who eagerly makes up for his lack of experience. Accompanied by Alfred Pennyworth, he will have to unravel a conspiracy involving the mayor of Gotham City, a certain Oswald Cobblepot, and catch a fearsome serial killer. And it will only be the beginning of a race full of adversaries that will test the limits of Batman’s dedication to the cause that has been imposed.

Geoff Johns Y Gary Frank made history with the trilogy of graphic novels Batman: Earth Onea new beginning for the legend of one of the world’s best-known heroes.

Authors: Geoff Johns and Gary Frank

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Batman: Earth One review

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