Batman Gotham City Escape: one of the best roller coasters in the world will open in Parque Warner Madrid in 2023

Warner Park Madrid opened its doors in 2002, becoming one of the theme parks of reference in Spain and one of the most visited in Europe.

The park, now fully operated by Reunited Parkshas celebrated its 20th anniversary with new shows and experiences such as the recreation of Central Perk (Friends cafeteria) or a new passage of terror based on Item of Stephen King, but its greatest novelty will arrive next year: a gigantic batman roller coaster.

Gotham City Escape‘ stands in the center of the park, strategically placed to be the first thing visitors see when entering the park. San Martin de la Vega.

Its opening is confirmed for 2023and it is going to be a revolution for a park that urgently needed a novelty of these characteristics, full of extreme elements unique in Spain (and almost in Europe).

Gotham City Escape, a unique “multi launch” roller coaster in Spain

Although Gotham City Escape won’t open until 2023, the structure is already complete. Are 1010 meters of trackwhich we will go through in just under two minutes (1:51 minutes), going through four inversions and three launches that will accelerate us to dizzying speeds, close to 100 km/h in a few seconds.

Gotham City Escape will be the first roller coaster in Madrid (counting Parque Warner and Parque de Atracciones) that accelerates trains with magnetic drive systemsinstead of using chains like traditional roller coasters.

It is a system similar to Furius Bacchus either RedForce in PortAventuraand that without reaching those speeds, it allows trains to travel much more convoluted circuits without slowing down.


GOTHAM CITY ESCAPE POV | Warner Park 2023 New Roller Coaster

To date, Parque Warner has not published a POV video of attraction. However, some fans have developed virtual recreations using programs like No Limits, and that allow you to imagine what will the attraction be like from the insidelike this video from Jerez Coaster Adventures.

In Gotham City Escape we will have three LSM releases that will propel trains over multitudes of hills air timecorkscrew and banked curves, although there will be two moments that stand out above all else (and which are also the most photogenic parts for those below).

The top hat, the jewel of the new roller coaster

Shortly after the attraction begins, the trains will climb to their highest point, 45 meters higha structure known as “top-hat”and strategically placed in front of the shuttle tower La Venganza del Engima to the delight of the instagramers to visit the park.

Those on the attraction, however, won’t have much time to appreciate the sights, as it will also be the fastest roller coaster. And when the train reaches the top, it will plunge into the steepest drop of all the roller coasters in Spain, with an angle greater than 90 degrees.

Coaster Warner Park Batman

That is to say, those in the front row will feel that the tracks disappear from their sight and it will seem that the roller coaster swallows you, while those in the back rows, due to the acceleration that it takes when descending, it will seem that the train wants to expel them.

Without a doubt, one of the most unique points of the attraction, which exists in very few roller coasters in the world.

The zero g stall, the most terrifying moment of the attraction

Batman Gotham City Escape Warner Park

But if we talk about spooky points, the crown goes to the “inverted airtime hill”, also called zero g stall, almost at the end of the route. After picking up speed on the last launch, the train will make some intense S-shaped curves and will cross the entire square of Gotham City, full of visitors… face down.

It is not a simple investment like a looping, in which the time in which you are face down is minimal. At this point, the trains will travel a long distance in a straight line (and at a considerable height too) totally upside down.

Another unique element in Spain and that has become fashionable in the most extreme roller coasters around the world very recently.

The Gotham City Escape experience will be completed by the theming, which is where the works are being focused right now. The roller coaster will start from the Wayne Manor (a building that formerly housed a simulator), and it is rumored that it will have a pre showin which we can expect music, animatronics or visual effects.

Although there is no confirmed data on its theming, beyond that it will be Batman, the objective is that the roller coaster tells a story: A Batman adventure in which he will fight against the villains of DC Comics while flying over Gotham City with his Batwing or Batmobile.

Warner Park Batman Roller Coaster

During the tour we may meet different villains: for now a statue of Poison Ivy

All of this, in an area of ​​the park that was previously inhospitable and that could now be pedestrianised, so that we can stroll through a gotham park, with the roller coaster crossing a few meters above our heads. Its twisted tracks will be seen from everywhere!

2023 will be a fantastic year for Spanish parks

To say that Escape from Gotham will be one of the best roller coasters in the world might seem like an exaggeration.

But it is generating huge buzz among roller coaster enthusiasts around the world for its resemblance to speedcoasterthe latest roller coaster at the Universal Florida resort, inspired by Jurassic World, and considered one of the best in the world when it opened in 2021.

Batman Coaster Velocoaster

Beyond rankings, “GCE” is significant for many reasons. For the first time since its opening 20 years ago, Parques Reunidos invested in adding a new adrenaline roller coaster to what is its flagship park (the Spanish group operates dozens of parks in Europe and around the world, but Warner is the most visited).

In 20 years, Parque Warner has received some familiar novelties, such as the Yogi Bear water attraction, the Road Runner roller coaster or the water park, but never anything that caught the attention of roller coaster enthusiasts.

In that same period of time, on the other side of the peninsula, PortAventura opened news like Furius Bacchus, Shambhala or Red Forcegigantic roller coasters that have broken world records, in addition to the family attraction Street Mission based on Sesame Street, awarded worldwide.

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Gotham City Escape is a hit on the table that will put Parque Warner back on the world map.

A “multi launch”, presumably from intaminone of the most thriving roller coaster manufacturers right now, with three launches, striking elements such as the top hat or the stall, and a very careful theming (it seems to be), with one of the most popular characters, Batman.

We could still go further and talk about unique investment in the worlda “overbanked turn dive loop”, but it would be redundant…

With how advanced the works are (the trains have yet to be seen, which we hope will have a design inspired by the Batwing), its opening could take place in early 2023. Without a doubt, Parque Warner will want to have it for the high season in summer. .and to get ahead of PortAventura.

This year, the Salou park also will open a new attraction, which is expected to be a roller coaster. Although it will not be that big, it will be a completely covered experience (and therefore, themed), in a gigantic ship in the Far West area, already built, and they promise “an extraordinary adventure“.

In 2023, the two largest theme parks in Spain, Parque Warner Madrid and PortAventura in Tarragona, will have novelties that promise to delight visitors. addicted to adrenaline and strong emotions. Will you dare to get on all of them?

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Batman Gotham City Escape: one of the best roller coasters in the world will open in Parque Warner Madrid in 2023

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