Beetleborgs: The ‘cousins’ of the Power Rangers that few remember

The nineties were full of many television series that defined the taste of a large public, and proof of this is that works such as Dragon Ball, Knights of the Zodiac and Power Rangers They still have a lot of fans.

These works inspired many others who made their fight to appear on television, and if you were one of the children who spent hours in front of the screen, you surely still remember the one that we present to you next.

beetleborgs arrived at the end of the 90s to tell us a story with certain overtones similar to power Rangersand if you don’t remember it, maybe a few details will refresh your memory.

In the late 1990s, when power Rangers had enchanted a whole generation of children, SabanEntertainment tried to bring more series of the genre Tokusatsuobviously, adapted to the American public.

In 1996 haim saban Y Shuki Leviin charge of adapting the colored heroes, decided to import another Japanese program with similar characteristics, although with somewhat different protagonists.

This work was entitled Big Bad Beetleborgsand if you don’t remember them, maybe the intro refresh your memory a bit.

The origin of the Beetleborgs

This series was based on Jūkō B-Fighteralthough the original story was drastically changed to give it a more American tone.

The original play told the story of three members of the Earth Academywhose mission was to investigate the strange behavior that some insects began to have.

The reason was that they were preparing to fight some invaders from another dimension, and to defend themselves, the researchers created armor that endowed its wearers with great abilities.

The armor was impressive.

Apparently this plot wasn’t American enough for the audience so they made a lot of changes which resulted in the birth of Big Bad Beetleborgs.

The ‘Americanized’ version

The first modification was that they discarded the drama of the invaders from another dimension, and instead added the presence of a magician named flabberwho is freed by three children.

In return, the wizard grants their wish to become their favorite comic book heroes, the beetleborgsbut in the process he also frees all the villains from the printed work.

In this way, he began an adventure that was broadcast over two years, filming around 75 episodes in total.

The protagonists were drewarmor bearer blue beetleborg, Rolandwho became the beetleborg greenY Jothe powerful red beetleborg.

The armor had a second phase with other colors.

It seems to add comics and magos wasn’t gringo enough so they also included some classic monster inspired allies like Dracula, Frankenstein, the Werewolf and even a mummy.

Beetleborg Monsters
Of course they were comic versions and they were just filler.

As you can imagine, the show prioritized comedic situations and funny moments, with combat being the climax of each adventure.

The Latin dub of Beetleborgs

beetleborgs originally aired on the channel Fox Kidsalthough it also reached open television thanks to Televisa, Venevisión, ATV, Repretel and TVN.

As it was intended for a children’s audience, it required hard dubbing work that included the participation of several personalities.

drew featured the voice of Enzo Fortunay and Irwin Daayanwhom you surely remember for their roles as Drake Bell and Yugi.

Beetleborgs Irwin Dayan and Enzo Fortuni
On the left Irwin Dayaán and on the right Enzo Fortuni.

Roland was played by Humberto Ramirezthe first voice of Doug nostrilsalthough he is currently retired.

Jo featured the voice of Skylark Hidalgowhom you surely recognize by doubling hinata in Narutoor for your participation in icarly What Sam.

Skylark- Hidalgo
A renowned Mexican actress.

The rest of the cast was made up of dubbing legends like Alejandro Villeli, Humberto Velez, Ernesto Lezama and Gonzalo Curieljust to mention a few.

The End of Beetleborgs

beetleborgs lasted two full years on the air, but the most interesting thing is that it was the last series that saban adapted from the Japanese franchise ‘Metal Hero’from which arose Power Rangers and VR Trooperswhich we will talk about another time.

This series was not so well received by the public, so it quickly fell into oblivion, and it is not for less, since it mixed so many things that it never finished assuming an attractive identity.

beetleborgs It went off the air in 1998, and if you still remember them, you are one of those who should stay home for safety, since you are part of the covid-19 risk group.

Have you ever seen Beetleborgs?

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Beetleborgs: The ‘cousins’ of the Power Rangers that few remember

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