Ben Affleck Is No Longer Batman, But He’s Wearing a Batman Rolex

Ben Affleck once said he took on his ill-fated role as Batman to impress his children: “I wanted to do something my son would like,” he explained last year. And my children have not seen Argo”. They should! It’s very good. Now, however, it seems Affleck has found a much faster and easier way to show off. Why play Batman when you can literally wear a Batman? We have recently seen the actor in Los Angeles with a Rolex GMT-Master II with black and blue bezel. Although not a proper Rolex name, this variant is known as Batman among collectors.

Affleck has upgraded the level of his watch collection in the last times. After getting back together with Jennifer Lopez last year, he dusted off one that the singer-actress gave him when they were together in the early 2000s. Her pieces mostly look like commemorative and of great sentimental value, as great watch collections should be. The actor debuted two great models in public during his honeymoon in July: a Hermès Arceau L’Heure De La Lune and a custom Rolex Submariner with exposed skeleton by Artisan De Geneve. Now, the Batman winks at his eventful passage through the cinematic universe of the League of Justice by Zack Snyder. After all, Batman’s wardrobe was never the problem: “I wore the suit to my son’s birthday party, and it was worth every moment of suffering in League of Justice“He said. Let’s hope Ben Affleck’s children are impressed with this latest tribute to Batman; we certainly are.

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The watch without the Pharrell bracelet.

Pharrell’s Richard Mille RM 74-02

The problem of celebrities and their watches is that they never seem to settle for the factory model. For them, the pieces that most collectors would wait a lifetime for are more apt to customize, tune up, or alter in some way. For example, Pharrell’s RM 74-02, an already extravagant timepiece that features a tourbillon and yellow and red gold bridges running through the dial. While the original comes with a regular strap, Pharrell got a premium version. with a most attractive gold bracelet.

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Emma Chamberlain’s Cartier Panthere

The verdict on the house of Emma Chamberlain, which was visited by AD this week, is very positive. It’s got all the status-giving stuff: a Camaleonda-style sectional sofa, custom artwork (made by his dad!), and the Ettore Sottsass Ultrafragola mirror (which hit its peak in 2019). Of course, Emma also has the perfect watch from it girl that goes with the house. To carry out the tour, he put on the delicate and elegant Panther de Cartier. Nothing expresses how well her career as a content creator is going like the Golden Panthère.

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Aaron Boone’s Oris Carysfort Reef

After tying the mark of 61 home runs of Roger Maris this week and getting ready to continue making history with the games that remain on the calendar of the season of baseball, the conversation around Aaron Judge has gone in every direction imaginable. Is 61 the real record for home runs? What should someone do if they catch one of Judge’s balls? How much could you fetch for it at auction? But there is another question that demands an answer: What’s that nice watch Yankees coach Aaron Boone was wearing when he gave Judge a much-deserved hug? An Oris Carysfort Reed, a limited edition piece, a deep blue dial with a gold case, which fits perfectly into the Boone collection. The captain has already shown that he is not afraid to show off colored watches.

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Ben Affleck Is No Longer Batman, But He’s Wearing a Batman Rolex

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