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Right now it’s almost impossible to see the goodness of the DCEU at Warner Bros. Discovery. Fans are obviously always on the lookout for any progress, but the picture is confusing and unpromising. Under the new administration, the brand’s universe will take a more concrete and organized course that will follow the pattern of Marvel… or at least that’s what is said, but for now the only hope to establish this is Black Adam, who not only It will serve to introduce Dwayne Johnson into this world, it could also mark the long-awaited return of Henry Cavill as Superman.

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Maybe Man of Steel – 55% did not work as well as planned, but the public was totally convinced that henry cavill he was the perfect choice for the hero. The big problem is that the actor was left in the middle of the dispute between Zack Snyder and the producer, and all those plans that were in mind with him could no longer advance at the expected pace. A sequel to this film was traded for a meeting with another of DC’s big names in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – 27%, and Justice League – 41% did the protagonists no favors.

The premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82% was proof that the director had every intention of going down a very difficult path with Superman, but his departure, as well as his purchase of Discovery, only served to complicate his return. henry cavill He has commented on more than one occasion that he is just waiting for the call to put the suit back on. Recently there was a rumor that the actor refused to participate if he was only for cameos in other installments and without being clear if he will return as a protagonist one day.

Although this is still not very clear, fans have always expected Cavill to appear in one of the projects that are about to be released. Knowing that in The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom Ben Affleck will appear as Batman, and because of the background of the comics, the best option was always Black Adam. Suspicions about a cameo increased when Dwayne Johnson he began to make comments about the character of Superman, like that Black Adam could stand up to him because he uses magic, or that for him Cavill was the only Superman of this generation.

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To be fair, the movie Black Adam it was so delayed and cut so many times that Superman’s blissful cameo was once thought to have been removed to put some distance from Snyder’s vision. However, shortly after its premiere, this possibility seems more real than ever and could explain a little of what they have planned for the DCEU, which at the moment seems to want to rescue some elements of the Snyderverse without the need to bring the director back. who now works under contract with Netflix.

An account known for publishing exclusive information about the world of superheroes seems to confirm the return of henry cavill on the tape Black Adam which hits theaters around the world on October 20:

Yes, Henry Cavill is back. He wears the classic suit to the Williams theme song and says, “We need to talk about Black Adam.”

Whether this moment happens within the film or as part of one of its post-credits scenes is something that has not yet been clarified. The most logical thing is that it be an extra scene, as it would be a way to start spinning their stories again, especially if the producer already has some ideas that they simply have not communicated publicly.

Black Adam It is one of the most anticipated and important titles of the DCEU, as it is said that it will put the expected order within this cinematographic universe. Dwayne Johnson not only is he very confident that it will be a success, he also hopes that his character will become very significant to this franchise, so we could see him in other installments. Fans will have to wait a bit longer to see the other Justice League heroes, but if henry cavill really appears here it would be good to take advantage of it and not just to exploit the affection of the public to take them to the movie theaters.

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Black Adam: famous insider confirms the return of Henry Cavill as Superman with the theme song by John Williams | tomatoes

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