Blackjack: from its beginnings to its online version

When we think of chance or card games or the casino, one of the first associations that our mind makes is to Blackjack or 21, one of the best known games. Such is the popularity that a movie with this name was even released, starring Kevin Spacey.

As with many events that date back a long time, there are conflicting versions of its origins, however, we will make a review of the historical issues regarding this game in which there is harmony among historians. From its beginnings to the present, times in which you can enjoy the online blackjack.

The first card games

The origins of card games have their conception in China, where they used money to replace cards. These games spread throughout the Asian continent and Africa, until reaching Europe, from Egypt, at the end of the fourteenth century.

Back then, the deck consisted of 52 cards depicted with different figures such as spades, coins, clubs, and cups. It is in Europe where they are transformed with famous figures of the time, such as kings. And finally, during the fifteenth century, in France the figures with which we know the cards today were resignified and adopted: hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades.

The birth of Blackjack

In the 17th century, a card game called Vingt-et-un emerged, the predecessor of the game as we know it today. The objective of this French game was to add 21 with the values ​​assigned to each card. The difference is that the bets by the players in this original version could be made after receiving the first hand and not before, while the croupier could double it when he saw it.

Over time, similar versions emerged in Europe, such as the Sette e mezzo, also known as 7 and a half. In this case, the objective, unlike the French version, was to add 7 and a half, with figures that were worth half a point, cards that add a whole point and the king of diamonds that added as a wild card. If the limit of 7 and a half was exceeded, the player lost.

In Spain there was another variant, known as 31. For this version the objective was the sum of 31 points, but with three cards that the player received.

The popularity of the French version spread around the world and reached the United States in the 19th century.

Name’s origin

Upon reaching the North American continent, the game did not have such acceptance among the public. For this reason, the casinos decided to slightly modify the rules and offer bonuses if you received a black jack (called a black jack), either clubs or spades, and an ace of spades on the first hand. In this way the name blackjack arises for the popular casino game.


That was the version of blackjack that was established, until the current times in which with the advancement of technology we can access to have fun with this game through virtual platforms and play online.

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Blackjack: from its beginnings to its online version

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