Blade delays its production until 2023 – The things that make us happy

Bladestarring Mahershala Alidelays the start of its production until next year according to the declarations of Marvel Studios.

As reported by TheDirect several experts have stated that the production of Blade from Marvel Studios was delayed from November 2022 to 2023. While some sources, such as Big Screen Leaksclaim that filming will begin in January, others say that the start date of filming has been pushed back to spring 2023. Marvel Studios has yet to confirm these reports.

The truth is that the film recently lost its director when it was announced that Bassam Tarik left the movie “Due to the continual changes in our schedule of production”, according to a statement from Marvel. It is not known how Tariq’s departure will affect the film’s production, but he will continue to be attached to it as an executive producer.

Marvel Studios has reportedly already begun the search for a new director. “It has been an honor working with the wonderful people at Marvel”Tariq said in his remarks after leaving the project. “We were able to put together an incredible cast and crew. Eager to see where the next director takes the film.”

Blade was introduced to the MCU in Eternals 2021 and the second scene after the credits of the film only featured the voice of Ali embodying the character. Although he debuted in Marvel Comics in 1973, Ali explained that he learned of his existence through Snipes’ performance in the original Marvel trilogy. Blade. “Well, just what I found out, like around the world in the late ’90s with Wesley Snipes, you know.” said the two-time Oscar winner of his knowledge of the character. “And… I don’t think I even realized that, at least at the time, I was used to there being no black superheroes.”

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Ali will star in the MCU movie as Blade and join the actor Cute Delroy ( Get Shorty , Gives 5 Bloods ) whose role is being kept under wraps, as announced in November 2021. It was the first casting news for the next Marvel movie since Ali was revealed as the iconic vampire slayer at San Diego Comic-Con in 2019.

Eric Brooks/Blade first appeared in 1973 in Dracula’s tomb #10 from Marvel Comics and was created by marv wolfman Y Gene Colan. A skilled fighter who possesses the physical abilities of a vampire, he is a “daywalker”, meaning he can walk in daylight without being killed and uses his abilities to hunt and kill vampires. Such abilities were conferred on him before he was born, when a vampire raped his mother while she was pregnant with him.

It was played by wesley snipes in the film Blade of 1998, and twice more in Blade II of 2002 and the one of infamous memory Blade: Trinity in 2004. The character also appeared in a 2006 television series where he was portrayed by Sticky Fingaz.

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I still remember how amazed I was at the start of the Snipes movie in the cinema. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen until the story was over. The way he moved, the sword and the leather jacket along with the glasses so that the light wouldn’t bother him fascinated me. All this coupled with an argument about the origin of the character that did not follow the common archetypes. And besides, he wasn’t beating around the bush. He killed right and left those who had made him as bloodthirsty as they were. To make matters worse, the film was a riot of frenetic action from start to finish.

The second movie caught me by surprise. I was expecting more of the same but they had changed the style. Although I liked it, I felt that they poisoned the essence of the first one. I prefer not to talk about the third one, that was how big the disappointment was.

So now I am looking forward to this reboot and the delays make me uneasy but not really upset. Thank God we live in times in which the offer is so great that you can immediately find a dose with which to alleviate the sweet wait.

A hug to all.

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Blade delays its production until 2023 – The things that make us happy

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