Blue Lock, the “Battle Royale” of soccer that sweeps Japan

The sports manga/anime is in luck again. To the hits of recent years such as ‘Kuroko no basket’ or ‘Haikyuu’ (which unleashed volleyball fever for a while) is now joined by another, this time with soccer as the protagonist, Blue Lock.

Blue Lock Manga Starts in 2018, with Muneyuki Kaneshiro in charge of the script and Yusuke Nomura to the pencils. It has 21 volumes to date in Japan, and in Spain we are receiving them thanks to Planeta Comic.

Along the way he has won Kodansha Award in the shonen category of 2021, and has recently seen how premiered its first anime seasonwith six episodes at the moment.

The plot gives a twist to stories that we have already seen in this sport. after a Disastrous 2018 World Cup for the Japanese teamwhich did not go beyond the round of 32, the top brass of the Japanese country’s federation meet to decide what steps to follow.

Here comes Anri Teieri, a patriotic woman who loves soccer, who doesn’t want the team to continue suffering painful defeats. For it will propose a plan together with a rather peculiar coachJinpachi Ego.

He has come to the conclusion that The only thing missing from the Japanese team to look from face to face to any rival he is a definitive center forwardsomeone who only has the goal between his eyebrows, and does not care about the rest.

with this idea create a sports facility called Blue Lock (which from a bird’s eye view looks suspiciously like the American Pentagon), where 300 strikers from all over Japan will fight for a position.

The chosen ones will be confined in the Blue Lock, where they will be separated into groups of 12 and located in different rooms where they will go passing tests and eliminating each other. The elimination will close the door of the national team forever (You have to give the matter a bit of drama).

Jinpachi Ego has created a ‘Squid Game’ event, just as competitive, but without the bloody component, and the prize is the position of “9” in the Japanese team, a position that after spending weeks fighting there will be no one who can argue. All this with him objective that Japan ends up lifting the world champion cup.

Here we meet our protagonist, Yoichi Isagiwho after being eliminated with his team before reaching the national championship, finds in this invitation a golden opportunity to become the player you have always wanted to bea crack.

The road is not going to be a bed of roses, and more than once he and all the other candidates will have to put their morals aside, since as in the Immortals “It can only be one”.

The forward 300 have to face a constant internal battle, they have been taught since childhood football is a team gamebut here they will be challenged to change that mindset, since an oversight and they are out. Each exercise and test forces them to choose between playing for themselves or for the team.

The creator of the strategy believes in it completely, despite the fact that the general public and members of the government do not see it with such good eyes, in addition to the fact that the remaining players of the national team do not know what to expect from the experiment.

Unlike other manga of the ‘shonen’ genre, in Blue Lock there are no villains or heroes As usual, each character has to make difficult choices at all times, even if the main perspective we have is that of Yoichi Isagi. you see, Blue Lock offers something different that we have not seen beforeand if you want to take advantage now that the World Cup is starting, you have our recommendation with ‘Blue Lock’.

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Blue Lock, the “Battle Royale” of soccer that sweeps Japan

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