Bold will open a battery factory for airplanes and electric cars in Montmeló (Barcelona)

The Catalan company Bold will invest 3 million euros in a new battery production plant electric vehicles for the aviation sector, motorsport and high-performance electric vehicles.

The plant, which will be fully operational after the summer, will be located in Montmeló (Barcelona) and will create 100 jobs, most of them engineers.

It was announced by the Minister of Business and Labor of the Generalitat, Roger Torrentand the CEO of Bold, Bernat Carrerastogether with the mayor of the municipality, Peter Rodriguezwho have held a work meeting at the company’s facilities.

The company already has 35 employees and, with the expansion, plans to add another 40 after the summer, reaching 75, a figure that will grow throughout 2023 until it reaches 140 jobs.

torrent has highlighted the need to “recover Catalan talent that went abroad” and to bet on the automotive sector, as well as its ecological transformation, due to its importance in the productive fabric.

He highlighted the company’s “high strategic value”, its R&D component and international vision in the field of electric batteries, fundamental in his eyes for decarbonisation and in the face of the climate emergency.

Careers has said that they want to continue growing in the territory, from where they believe they will be able to achieve their goals “as other companies such as Wallbox have done”, and has valued Vallès Occidental for its proximity to Barcelona, ​​with universities and engineers, and its closeness to the Circuit de Catalunya.

The plant will have an area of ​​2,500 square meters, it will be dedicated to the design and production of components that are part of electric batteries for the aviation, high-performance automotive and motorsport sectors.

Bold’s chief operating officer, Gerald Torreshas said that they will start operating with light planes such as recreational and short-distance planes destined for domestic or regional flights, “but it is the same technology that the larger planes will use”, which will first be hybrids and then electric, according to him.

Apart from the aviation sector, the Catalan company will also allocate its products to high-performance electric vehicles and motorsport. “The cells can become dangerous if there are temperature management problems, so, especially in an aircraft, it is necessary to contain the high-temperature gases generated even in a catastrophic failure of the system,” he explains. Specifically, Bold’s technology will be able to achieve a gravimetric specific energy of 350 Wh/kg in the coming months, complying with aviation standards.

The Bold project began with the creation of the company in 2019 by Bernat Carreras Planella, a former engineer for Formula 1 teams such as McLaren, Renault-Alpine and Honda, specializing in the design of composite materials and electric batteries. Until now, they have been dedicated to engineering services for Formula 1 teams and to the design of materials for structural components for automotive manufacturers of high-performance vehicles.

Recently, the company closed an investment round of 2.3 million euros led by David Villanovaa member of the Tavil machinery production company, and Josep Maria Tarragoformer vice president of Ficosa and investor in the initial phase of Wallbox.

As part of its growth strategy, the company plans to open offices in the United Kingdom and the United States soon, and they expect to go from 1.5 million euros in 2021 to 6 million in 2022. In addition, the company plans to close another round of financing next year for more than 10 million euros.

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Bold will open a battery factory for airplanes and electric cars in Montmeló (Barcelona)

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