‘Breakdown’, the suspenseful classic that turns a car breakdown into a nightmare

There are movies that if they weren’t for television, they would be lost forever. Some titles have gone unnoticed by everyone, including the platforms. But it has nothing to do with the quality of these, in fact there are real gems to discover.

If you are willing to let yourself be surprised, you may be interested in that this Saturday at 10:00 p.m. they broadcast on Paramount break down (1997). A mystery, suspense and action film starring Kurt Russell. It also has one of the best performances of JT Walshone of the actors specialized in playing the most iconic villains in film history.

The husband realizes that his wife does not appear

Third parties


A breakdown that was very expensive

Jeff and Amy Taylor, a young, childless couple, drive an SUV through the desert in order to move from San Diego to California. However, they are unlucky enough that their car breaks down and they are forced to pull over to the side of the road. Fortunately, it seems that luck is on their side, just at that moment for a truck driver, who offers to take them to the nearest roadside restaurant. They both agree, but Jeff decides not to leave the car alone on the road, and asks them to go ahead.

When he arrives at the restaurant he realizes that his wife is not there. She starts asking everyone and no one has seen her. Jeff thinks that there has been a misunderstanding and that he has left her in the nearest town. There he finds the trucker, but he denies knowing him and assures that he has never seen his wife. There he begins a desperate search for his wife in which he will realize that she is part of a plot, where the trucker is just one more piece.

Movie's promotional poster

Movie’s promotional poster

Third parties

The villain of this movie is played by JT Walsh. He is a classic suspense movie actor. He became famous in the 1980s and 1990s. He was well known for playing malevolent characters with a serious character. “Calm and sinister white-collar” is how critics described his characters. He was one of the most acclaimed bad guys in the movies and his presence in the movie caught the attention of many viewers. His performance in this feature film is considered one of the best of his career.


Too disturbing for some people

This film was considered at the time as one of the most stressful made to date. The public came to reject it in a certain aspect and it became a cult classic. The director’s wife told him that, after a test screening, she heard in the restrooms that several people were talking about how pushy she had been. This is something he took to heart, but when he saw the scores from the viewers he understood that he might have gone too far.

It was considered a movie with too much suspense

It was considered a movie with too much suspense

Third parties

The lack of context is one of the elements that most overwhelms the public. The executives fought for the director to introduce a sequence at the beginning of the film where the story of the marriage is told and they get to know each other better. The director managed to get it off to an abrupt start, arguing that the viewer should only know that it is a couple that he is driving.

The participation of JT Walsh is also key to creating the atmosphere. In the original script, there were a lot of lines of dialogue that went deeper into the character. The actor deleted them all, alleging that to make his “magic” his character should only have money as a motivation, the rest of the emotions took away from his performance the coldness that characterized him.

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‘Breakdown’, the suspenseful classic that turns a car breakdown into a nightmare

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