C-LM announces new aid of 2.6 million euros so that young people can acquire their first home

This has been advanced by the Minister of Public Works, Nacho Hernando, who has given an account of this measure approved today by the Government Council of Castilla-La Mancha and who, as he has explained, “as a novelty, this call contemplates the extension to the municipalities with population equal to or less than 10,000 inhabitants, reaching 96 percent of the towns of Castilla-La Mancha”.

Likewise, he highlighted that “since 2019, we have allocated almost 5.6 million euros to young people who live in our towns, having reached almost 600 young people so that they can acquire a home in our rural environment”. In this sense, he has remarked that “for us this is a policy that is not only about housing or youth, but it is also a policy to support our peoples”.

He has indicated that “as in previous calls, the amount of aid will be up to 10,800 euros per home and may not exceed 20 percent of the purchase price.”

In addition, the annual income of the beneficiary must be less than three times the IPREM and the acquisition of a home already built or a home under construction, located in a municipality or population center of the same or less than 10,000 inhabitants. In addition, the acquisition price must be equal to or less than 120,000 euros.

The presentation period to apply for these grants will begin the day after the publication of this call, which will be this Friday, October 7, and may be held until June 30, 2023. As for the procedure for granting these grants, it will be the of the simplified concurrence regime until the exhaustion of the credit, the Board reported in a press release.


In addition, the Minister of Development has advanced that this Monday the renewal of the regular bus transport services of the Mora-Toledo line will be launched and has stressed that “for us, actions like this are the great keys to making more attractive, even if possible, life in our towns and, at the same time, bring public services closer to the people of these municipalities”, since, he pointed out, “it is here where the rights and freedoms that we collect in the laws, in the decrees, in the orders.

Mobility has to be a renewed priority, because it is what is allowing us to be all more equal and our society to be fairer”. Hernando explained that this new contract has a duration of three years and represents an investment of 409,000 euros.

Regarding the improvements, he stressed that they are “on the one hand, the arrival of said line at the University Hospital of Toledo, with eight stops and schedules adapted to health workers, patients and visitors from Monday to Friday; and on the other, the arrival to the Luz del Tajo Shopping Center, with four stops with hours adapted to workers and consumers, from Monday to Saturday”.

In addition, the capacity of the line is increased by segregating passengers from the Villanueva de Alcardete and Quintanar de la Orden lines, “so that occupancy problems will be reduced and the citizens of the La Mancha area are guaranteed availability of places from Toledo at peak hours”, according to Nacho Hernando, adding that the time slot is extended until 10:00 p.m., “enabling the movement of workers and students”.

Also, the counselor has advanced that “at the end of the legislature, the Government of Castilla-La Mancha will have renewed a total of 65 regular bus transport contracts worth more than 10 million euros.” In this sense, he has detailed that “as of September 30, 40 contracts have already been renewed, worth more than 7.8 million euros, and before the end of the legislature, a total of 25 contracts will be signed by value of 2.2 million euros, not including ASTRA services and the ‘X Cuenca’ Plan”.

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C-LM announces new aid of 2.6 million euros so that young people can acquire their first home

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