Cáceres: from Tchaikovsky to ‘Star Trek’

Eighteen musicians before 23 spectators. That’s how it went the first concert offered by the Provincial Symphonic Band on October 28, 1982. Since then, its growth and consolidation have been unstoppableso much so that it has become in a national reference group, magazine cover ‘music lovers’which even offers a review of its most sublime moments, such as that Overture 1812 of Tchaikovsky accompanied by the bells of the Extremaduran cathedralsor the symphonic with The Secrets that remained among the six best-selling albums in Latin America in 2012 (and top 16 in Spain). In fact, it became the first band to fuse symphonism with pop (Jeanette, Los Brincos, Nino Bravo…).

They are just some milestones of the history of formationwhich was born from the hand of the Provincial Council of Cáceresto which it is still linked, and that today begins the commemorative program of its 40th anniversary. It will do so with a very special concert at the Cáceres Congress Palace to which all the presidents of the Diputación have been invited who in these decades have contributed to the evolution of the Provincial Symphony, and in which there will be a very significant moment in memory of the musicians who are no longer in the formation.

The 56 current members will perform a repertoire of works that will be a faithful reflection of the symphonies offered in these 40 years: ‘Sighs of Spain’, ‘The wedding of Luis Alonso’, ‘One night in Granada, ‘1812’, ‘La Madrugá’, ‘Wets Side Story’, ‘Maestro Suárez’ and ‘Suárez Barquero’, with an ending that is not could be other than ‘The Drum’dance included.

This is the program

It’s just the start of a really intense program, with endless performances in different parts of the province. In fact, ahead of the 40th anniversary even a small symphony orchestra and various brass groups have been created with components of the band, in order to take the recitals to the nuclei that do not have space to house the entire formation.

“We intend involve the entire province of this anniversary. One of our main objectives is to promote the ethnomusicology of the peoples. We also have in project the recording of the scores that Garcia Matos he made Alta Extremadura in a symphonic version. We want all those dances and melodies of folklore to be heard in a symphonic way,” he says. Antonio Luis Suarez Morenodirector of the formation, who curiously had his father, Antonio Luis Suarez Barqueroas first in his position.

The special programming that starts today is very extensive. In addition to some concerts in Seville, Lisbon or Madrid (with the Escolania del Escorial), most of them will take place throughout the Cáceres geography. There will be various symphonies with different themes. For example, the one aimed at children who is being developed in a similar way in the Gran Teatro under the title ‘Educates Symphony’whose proceeds go entirely to charitable causes and to instrument bank that the Cáceres Symphonic Band delivers to children who cannot afford them. Several of them are already studying today at higher conservatories.

will not miss the soundtracks how well this band interprets and how much the public likes it. “We are going to enjoy ‘Star Trek’, ‘Superman’, ‘Dances with Wolves’ or ‘Pirates of the Caribbean'”The director advances. Nor will it be missing ‘The crazy baton’, a group of concerts in which the musicians make winks of humor that liven up the appointment.

Pop, rock, opera…

They will also offer thematic recitals ‘Our elders’, with pasodobles and other pieces that the elderly always enjoy. Another cycle will be ‘Family pop-rock’, with great songs from groups like AC/DC, Metallic or Europe.

There will also be two main courses: another two concerts with renowned pop groups, which will be revealed in a few days.

To all this will be added the usual symphonic cycles of this group from Cáceres, such as ‘A Night at the Opera’ either ‘A walk through La Zarzuela’, with the participation of the tenor Charles Martin (finalist of ‘Got Talent’) and the soprano Anna Peromingo.

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Cáceres: from Tchaikovsky to ‘Star Trek’

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