Camouflaj is developing another great VR game for Meta, possibly about Batman.

“VR provides a level of immersion and experiences you can’t get anywhere else”

First of all, congratulations on the tenth anniversary of the Camouflaj studiothank you for giving us Republish VR and for giving us this interview now that you have joined the family Oculus Studios.

What does it mean to be part of a company as big as Meta? Will you continue to maintain independence in the development of virtual reality games?

In our 10 years as game developers, we’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of different publishing partners, and frankly we were so in tune with the Meta teams that joining the larger organization seemed like the perfect fit. Meta’s production has been fantastic in giving us a feedback good and meaningful about our games, while respecting our creative direction, and we believe that will continue.

Trailer posted in May 2012 for the studio’s first game: Republique.

Did you start negotiations with Meta before, during or after the development of the Iron Man port to Quest 2?

Unfortunately, I can’t talk about the details of the negotiating schedule. We feel incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to return to Marvel’s Iron Man VR and bring it to more people in Quest 2.

Was it very difficult to port Iron Man from PSVR to Quest 2? How long did it take you? Have there been sacrifices/compromises, and will it have improvements or new content?

We knew it was going to be a major challenge to get this great looking game on a mobile chipset, but thanks to the portability of Unity we had a clear path when we started the project. As in any adaptation, there are always elements that must be modified. We learned a lot from Meta in terms of what would be most effective for Quest 2, and in many ways the Meta Quest 2 hardware made development easier, especially because of the wireless nature of the headset.

Meta Quest 2 allows players to steer and steer their way past obstacles without being tied to wires. It’s very noticeable when you’re flying around Malibu, the first mission of the game, trying to get a quick time on the time trial.

As far as improvements go, the biggest ones are “free”: Quest 2’s wireless nature enhances the experience of flying as Iron Man. You’ll notice it during your first flight around Malibu: being able to fly through those rings during time trials and just turning your whole body around without the worry of getting tangled up in wires is a game changer.

Quest 2’s SSD is also an automatic win for the game. We found that the Quest 2’s SSD significantly reduced load times over the original version instantly. We also made sure to harness the power of Touch controllers to allow for maximum immersion, so we added continuous analog movement to cutscenes, using the sticks. Now you have the chance to explore every corner of Tony’s Malibu mansion.

camouflaj 01

Iron Man VR was a huge hit on PSVR and it’s been on Quest 2.

Any plans to port the game to the Rift platform (PC VR)?

We are currently finishing work on Marvel’s Iron Man VR for Meta Quest 2, and we have nothing to announce for other platforms.

This summer you communicated that you were working on a triple A VR, was it the Iron Man port for Quest 2 or do you have another big VR game in development?

What we discussed over the summer is actually something else! The team of camouflage He’s already deep in development on our next title, which we can’t wait to share with you all, when the time is right.

*As has been known today, in an FTC document (Federal Trade Commission) written on the occasion of the incorporation of camouflage a OculusStudiosthat new game would star another superhero: BATMAN.

batman 00

PSVR is (or was) an excellent VR headset, with terrible controllers (move) and you did very well with Iron Man. As for Quest, what is the best and worst of this platform?

Having the opportunity to take advantage of the Touch controls was a huge bonus. The tracking is fantastic, its ergonomics. It has some fantastic analog sticks that allow you to use the traditional movement schemes of games. In addition, the wireless nature of the headset and the solid state drive (SSD) were important and intrinsic advantages that the hardware offered us, as I mentioned before.

However, there are a couple of really nice things about the Quest 2 that I don’t think people are aware of: it has streaming ready-to-use that are very easy to set up, so you can share the VR experience you’re having with your friends and family on TV, in an Internet browser, or even on your phone!

camouflaj 02

Collage with many of the people who work or collaborated in the study.

Have you been able to try Quest Pro and what is your opinion about it?

Personally, yes, I’ve had the chance, and there’s no question that it’s a high-end piece of hardware. The evolution in optics is noticeable. I also love that it comes with a dock, so you instinctively have it charging whenever you’re not using it; I think that will be important for those more productivity-focused use cases. Developers can do a lot with it, especially things like face and eye tracking, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s possible.

You have developed both flat and VR games, what do you think is the greatest value of virtual reality and what is its greatest weakness?

I think the greatest value of VR is that it really provides a new level of immersion and therefore new experiences that you can’t get anywhere else. I believe that Iron Man VR from Marvel is a good example of this. It is completely different to control a character on a flat screen than to put on a helmet and fly like with your bare hands.

I hope we get a chance to put this in the hands of people who aren’t sold on VR yet so they can see the difference between the two, and how much VR can change by providing experiences you can’t have in life. real.

As for pain points, I think shared experiences still have value, and if you only have one headset, you can’t always share what you’re doing with your friends or family in VR. But that’s why I love the streaming functionality built into the operating system, so you can easily turn this personal experience into something you share with others.

camouflaj 03

Documentary about the hard beginnings of the studio and the development of its first game.

Sony said that PSVR games will not be compatible with PSVR2, but it seems that many studios are working on some kind of update. In your case, will you work to make Republish VR and/or Iron Man playable on PS VR2?

We are focused on Meta Quest 2, and now we have nothing to announce for other platforms.

What is your favorite virtual reality game of all time?

I know this is an exaggeration, but after working on Marvel’s Iron Man VR over the past few months I really think it’s a great example to show the world what’s unique about VR and it’s my favorite game to play right now!

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Camouflaj is developing another great VR game for Meta, possibly about Batman.

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