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In total there are 22 crossings that will remain open, in order to normalize traffic with neighboring countries.

In order to promote tourism and normalize traffic with neighboring countries, This Sunday Chile will reopen almost all of its land borders.

In total they are 22 the steps that will be enabled as of this day, those that extend throughout 13 regions of the country. Another 14 crossings will remain out of service.

According to the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalvethe idea is that the entry of foreigners is carried out without violating the sanitary measures that are still in force due to the covid-19 pandemic.

“This border normalization plan is being worked on between the different ministries involved in this process, totally concerned that the reopening is carried out in an orderly manner and maintaining the corresponding sanitary measures”, manifested.

The steps that will open

The Border Crossing Unit of the Ministry of the Interior detailed the crossings that will work again from this day.

In the Region of Arica and Parinacota, the steps of Concord, Chungara-Tambo Quemado Y Visviri. In Tarapacá it will be enabled Colchane-Pisiga (Colchane) and in Antofagasta the crossings will operate again in Hito Cajón, Jama, Sico, San Pedro de Atacama and Ollagüe.

Further south, in Valparaíso, the passage will be enabled Christ the Redeemer System, in Los Libertadores, and in Maule the crossing will operate Pehuenche. While in La Araucanía the pass will work Hatched Pine, in Liucura.

In Los Ríos, the pass that will be open is the huahum; in Los Lagos the one of Futaleufu, birdies Y Encounter River; and in Aysén those of Coyhaique Alto, Balmaceda, Roballos, Río Mayer, Río Mosco, Dos Lagunas and Chile Chico.

Meanwhile, in Magallanes the crossing will operate Dorotea and Saint Sebastian.

The crossings that will remain closed

On the other hand, the Border Crossing Unit announced the crossings that will remain closed.
They are San Francisco (Atacama), Pircas Negras (Argentina), Agua Negra (Coquimbo), Vergara (Maule), Pichachén (Biobío), Icalma and Mauil Malal (La Araucanía), Carirriñe (Los Ríos), Peulla (Los Lagos), Casas Viejas, Don Guillermo River and Bellavista (Magallanes).

Control at border crossings

The National Director (S) of Customs, Gustavo Pobletestated that it is important that those who start their trip in the coming days keep in mind practical recommendations on the products with which they will leave or return to the country, to speed up border control processes.

“The main thing is to find out before traveling about those products that require some special certification to enter the country or be careful about the maximum amounts that are entered, because they could require the payment of taxes. All the detailed information is available on the page”, she said.

In relation to phyto and zoo-sanitary control, the National Director(s) of the SAG, Andrea Collao, He pointed out that “our Service is prepared and with all its equipment available for the opening of land borders. We call on people who enter the country not to do so with products of animal and plant origin that could bring pests and diseases not present in the country and that can cause serious damage to our agriculture and environment. It is also important that you complete the Affidavit in advance, either on paper or digitally at the steps where it is already enabled, such as Diego Aracena airport, Santiago airport, Pehuenche, Hua Hum, Cardenal Samoré, Austral Integration and San Sebastián, to speed up this process”.

Meanwhile, the Prefect Inspector Roberto Toloza, National Head of Migration and International Police, said that before the opening of land borders, the PDI recommends “for those who wish to leave or enter the country, have their identity card or valid passport in good condition. Meanwhile, for those traveling with minors, the call is to do so in addition to the current identity document, with the birth certificate or family book and apostilled travel authorization in case one of the parents does not travel “

He also added that for those who wish to travel to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, they should only have a valid identity card in good condition.

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Chile reopens its land borders today: Check the steps that are enabled | Digital medium The Northern Fox

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