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Superman is a character well known and loved by millions of fans around the world, one of the most important heroes in the DC world and a sure source of income for the publishing house or any other media that tells a story about him. A Chilean bakery has used this mythical figure as a method of brand recognition, was sued by DC but won the battle using convincing arguments. In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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Born Kal-El on the planet Krypton, he traveled to Earth as a baby and was rescued by a couple from Kansas, who named him Clark Kent. He eventually took on the identity of Superman, an almost messianic hero who uses his incredible powers for good. With incredible stories like Kingdome Come, Red Son, Secret Identity, For the Man Who Had Everything, Peace on Earth and All Star Superman, the Man of Steel is an absolute source of inspiration; a god who could easily choose the path of evil but who prefers to give his life to the service of others.

The admiration for Superman reached Gonzalo, a Chilean baker who opened his own business and named it Superpan, which also happens to be his childhood nickname. This small venture reached the ears of DC about three years ago, initiating legal action for this “theft” of name. Although no details are offered on the agreement reached with the comics brand, Gonzalo has won the trial after a long time and offered some statements to CHV News some days ago:

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Superpan is my nickname since I was 10 years old when I used to reverse bread with a Superman shirt here in the neighborhood of the Quinta Normal district. I would become the brand, I would become the business itself. It is my essence and we are happy with what happened. […] When I wanted to set up the business figure with Superpan I realized that the brand had to be patented, when I did it, Superman appears there [DC] to lower the mark. This harmed us for approximately two years with the project we had to continue improving our business and supporting it because it has a very nice social vision of supporting businesses.

One of the main heroes of the Superpan case is Hansthe lawyer of Gonzalo who brought the situation forward. For CHV News explained the main arguments used in the defense of the bakery.

What we did was point out how impossible it was for people to confuse the origin of a company dedicated to making delicious marraquetas, hallulas or cakes with DC Comics, a company dedicated to top-level plots, stories, characters. At what time and in what world is it going to be possible for people to get confused? We presented that point to INAPI (National Institute of Industrial Property), they agreed with us and for that reason they dropped the lawsuit from DC Comics.

In the district of Quinta Normal, in the northwest of Santiago, the neighbors are happy that Superpan can continue with its mission, promoting other minor projects such as delivering food to those who need it most. It is clear that, if he existed in the real world, Superman would be very proud of the work of Gonzalo which he more or less performs on his behalf.

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Chilean bakery defeats DC Comics in Superman copyright lawsuit | tomatoes

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