Chuty and Marithea are the kings of God Level All Stars 2 Vs 2

What we experienced this April 22 at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid has been a real spectacle. Freestyle lovers received the best of improvisation, who had to let their imagination run wild on stage to win God Level All Stars 2 Vs. 2.

In addition to Spain, various participants from other Latin American countries have shown that this mental sport unites more than separates. In fact, there is a brotherhood between them that LOS40 Urban could perceive even backstage.

The event in Madrid was the last held after the conferences in Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Therefore, This April 22, it was decided which pair was going to be proclaimed the champion of the God Level All Stars 2022. What if, the title was taken by Chuty and Marithea.

The attendees began to fill the event so that, at 6:00 p.m., the adrenaline rush began through the roof. After the draw, the first pairs to meet in the round of 16 were Acertijo with Skiper and Nekroos with Skone. The latter managed to get the pass to the next phase. Against whom? We would find out soon.

Letra with Sara Socas and Cacha with Metalingüistica were next. It could not be for the first and, although the four participants gave their all, it was the Argentine and the Chilean who took the next pass.

The emotion increased with the passing of the minutes. The Wanda Metropolitano shouted each and every one of the rhymes of the protagonists of the day. And best of all, there were still hours of improvisation ahead. Stick with RC and Jaze with Papo were the next to take the stage. The last two made the audience roar with their rhymes and earned their pass to the quarterfinals.

With their adrenaline pumping, Steppenwolf and Kaiser faced off against Mecha and Gazir. The level seemed to be even, but it was the Argentine and the Spanish who finally defeated their teammates. The battalions were not finished yet. Klan and Mnak were due to face Chuty and Marithea. This was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated moments of the night. But considering how the night ended, the seconds were the winners of this matchup.

In the round of 16, Teorema and Stuart defeated Valles-T and Nitro; Lancer Lirical and BTA to Yartzi and SNK and MP and Skill to Rapder and Bearing. The quarterfinals awaited the winners of the previous round. The draw made Mecha and Gazir face Cacha and Mnak. Although the latter impose with their rhymes, the Argentine and Spanish won the pass to the next round. The same thing happened with Nekroos and Skone, Jaze and Papo and Chuty and Marithea.

The semifinals awaited all of them, and the first to face off were Jaze and Papo and Mecha and Gazir. In the last round they had to choose two other freestylers, already eliminated, to temporarily join their team. The former chose Stuart and the latter, Mnak. One of the most adrenaline moments of the night was the confrontation between the Viking and the Argentine. But, as we mentioned in previous lines, they showed that the friendship that exists between all of them is above anything and they gave each other an affectionate hug after finishing the battle. Mecha and Gazir took the pass to the final.

The same happened with Skone and Nekroos, who managed to defeat the hits and champions of the God Level Chuty and Marithea. They chose Steppenwolf and Teorema and, as everyone could imagine, it was one of the most supported matchups of the night. Finally, the man from Malaga and the Peruvian took victory on the last day of this competition.

Yes indeed. The god and the warrior later took the stage to collect their well-deserved title after coming top of the leaderboard.

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Chuty and Marithea are the kings of God Level All Stars 2 Vs 2

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