CINEMA Batman and Superman: The Battle of the Super Sons (2022)

For many years, the animated division of DC Comics stood head and shoulders above all its competitors, keeping a brand fresh and interesting that in other media, be it film or print, had fallen into a rut. Unfortunately, not everything is forever and we already had enough time with animated films that, like the comics on which they were based, showed a weariness with the characters and even the same genre… until Jonathan Kent appeared.


Jonathan Samuel Kent is the son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane, and he came to the world of comics in 2015 as an expected novelty that quickly earned a place in the hearts of DC fans for being, precisely, the opposite of what many people “valued” about superheroes at the time. Leaving rudeness, darkness and melancholy behind, little Superman came to give a spark of light to the stories in which he participated and the characters with whom he interacted, as his father once did decades ago.

This appearance coincided just when Damian Wayne’s popularity was at its peak. Thalia Al Ghul’s son of Batman, known to many as ‘the ball of hate‘, is a short, bitter and deadly warrior, who had been characterized as being lousy at dealing with other characters and being a headache for his father. The contrast between the children of the most famous superheroes on the planet was almost so evident that it bordered on the cliché, so a friendship between the two was something much more than expected.

The result of this meeting, the classic story of the odd couple, cemented both characters in a comic book series that quickly brought them to television and now, gives them their own star in an animated film.


Batman and Superman: The Battle of the Super Sons tells us a very abbreviated origin story for Jonathan Kent and how he discovers that he not only has superpowers, but is the son of the Man of Steel. When Superman takes the little boy to meet Batman, Damian Wayne is present and thus begins a relationship that will become a close friendship thanks to the intervention of none other than a cow.

The invasion of an alien parasite and a superfluous lesson in what it means to be a superhero are the excuse to tell us about the first adventure of this new dynamic duo.

The production is relatively short, lasting just over an hour, which is enough to introduce us to all the characters, main and secondary, the conflict and a relatively corny ending. The animation work is good, although this new style of CGI makes the movement of the characters less natural, but it gives more strength to the action sequences. The story of Jeremy Adams manages to be told quite well and is also full of small details that fans of the how to will appreciate. The direction of Matt Peters returns to the rhythm that made his other animated films great, such as injustice Y Justice League Dark: Apokolips Warand finally, the dubbing -both in English and in Spanish- is carefully well done.

Without becoming an unpredictable tape, Batman and Superman: The Battle of the Super Sons is a return in form to what DC Comics animation once was, and hopefully this is the first in a series of movies starring these little heroes.

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CINEMA Batman and Superman: The Battle of the Super Sons (2022)

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