Classroom of the Elite: When does anime season 3 premiere?

Classroom of the Eliterecently concluded its second anime season, one that was basically dedicated to expanding on that inhuman side of Kiyotaka that we discovered was guiding his actions at the end of the first season. Also, we had a VERY interestingly animated episode with ‘the fight’, even though overall the anime wasn’t a technical marvel (I also didn’t find it as disappointing in that respect as “The Devil is a Part-Timer” ). Having said that, now it’s time to look at season 3 of the anime.

Classroom of the Elite is heading into its third season

And so that absolutely nothing is lost, write down the following details about this:

  • Will there be season 3 of the Classroom of the Elite anime? Well, the truth is that there is no suspense with this, since at the time it was confirmed that YES. ❗
  • It was in fact with the announcement of the second season of the anime that it was already anticipated that we would also have a third season. The intention? Ensure that at least fits the entire first year of student of Kiyotaka and so on. ✔️
Kiyotaka has continued to do his thing in this second season of the anime
  • So when does the third season of Classroom of the Elite premiere? At the moment what we have is information from months ago: 2023. Yes, the anime will return with another season next year, although at the moment no month or date of release has been said. ✔️
  • How has the second season of Classroom of the Elite been? Well, as far as I’ve been able to verify, much more hasty than the first In the end, they had to flip adapt 5-6 volumes light novel and that is not easy to achieve in just 13 episodes. In general, although it has been liked, the truth is that there is a lot of content that has been left by the wayside (which is why many recommend the light novel directly). ✔️
  • If we pay attention to what was said regarding the intention to adapt the entire first year, it is to be assumed that the third season of Classroom of the Elite could have a duration very similar to the second. That is, another 12-13 episodes to treat another 5 volumes of the novel. ❓

I think it’s quite obvious that internally there has been a certain change of plans regarding the adaptation of the first season of “Classroom of the Elite”, basically because at that time they only worked on 3 volumes of the light novel which, personally, seems to me something more normal considering the amount of narrative that one of these volumes can agglomerate. In any case, The future of “Classroom of the Elite” is assured for next year, only now it’s time to wait and see how it turns out.

Synopsis for Classroom of the Elite

Kiyotaka Ayanokouji has just entered Tokyo Koudo Ikusei Academy, where it is said that 100% of its students end up going to university or finding a good job. However, our protagonist ends up in Class 1-D, where the school puts all the students in trouble. What’s more, each month the school awards students 100,000 yen worth of points, and classes employ a system whereby you can talk, sleep, and even disturb your classmates during classes.

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Classroom of the Elite: When does anime season 3 premiere?

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