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welcome a Saturday Sunday more to the comic book lovers section. Welcome to The Comic of the Week. Today we review Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern vol.1. intergalactic agent. At the end of the article you will have the cover and the link.

Green Lantern by Grant Morrison, a new gem

After the Green Lantern by Geoff Johns, that changed the concept of the hero and above all of his microverse with all the rings of power, the colors, the planets, the avatars… and their wars of the Sinister Corps either the darkest night What would come next? Well, the notable (not outstanding) stage of robert venditti. And now that? More of the same? What could the American comic-book offer in a new phase of the character? The answer is Grant Morrison.

And it is that the controversial author had two memorable years in the collection. 24 numbers divided as in a television series, even the second year was called “season 2” because it was his particular series of green lantern. Therefore it seems that we will have 4 volumes of Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern.

And it is that Grant Morrison moves away from the great sagas or space battles to tell us the darkest part of Hal Jordan. But yes, this time the Scottish author is accompanied by the cartoonist Liam Sharp, a magnificent line stylist but with a very peculiar, very characteristic line. His elegance resides in the baroqueness of the characters and the environment, accompanied by a great versatility of movements of the heroes accentuated by being in outer space. In addition, creating intergalactic worlds and aliens opens up for Sharp the creation of new facets, and since it shows that he enjoys them, he enhances Morrison’s outstanding scripts.

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I think that he Morrison-Sharp binomino meets Green Lantern in an almost perfect way. I think this stage is up there with Johns, but instead of comparing himself in epic battles, he behaves in a more intimate way, more focused on the development of the characters, be they heroes, villains or occasional guests who stop by. over there.

We already know Grant Morrison from other stages, and therefore from other great comics and other “weird” comics. I tell you from here that you are not afraid to bite this Green Lantern because he is within the range of his comics that can be read without your head exploding, or worse, that you think that you have been fooled. Morrison’s Green Lantern reads fluently and delves into paths that only he knows how to do, and also engages.

I firmly believe that as an independent work of 24 issues (future 4 volumes in Spain) this series is the best you’ll read in the superhero genre in recent years. And if, on the contrary, you are a completist of “Green Lantern Saga”, this cycle should be the end, the wonderful end to a series that Johns began at the beginning of the century with his Green Lantern Rebirth and that ended (will end in volumes) Grant Morrison with this stage.

1652761368 31 Comic of the Week Green Lantern by Grant Morrison vol1

Hal Jordan doesn’t know what to do with his life. It is then that he stumbles across a badly injured fellow Green Lantern Corps and once again curries favor with the Guardians. Aware of his obligations as an intergalactic authority, they commission him to investigate a lethal shipment, which will be the beginning of a story full of twists and turns that draws on the rich legacy of Green Lantern’s past and catapults him into a golden future.

Grant Morrisonthe screenwriter of fundamental works such as all star superman either Animal Manteamed up with cartoonist Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman) in a series titled The Green Lantern which manifested the authors’ love for the Silver Age of superhero comics and for the history of the DC Universe in general. In these pages, we will see the usual Green Lanterns, new ones and we will have the prominent presence of characters as disturbing as the Controllers or the Darkstars.

Without further ado I leave you below a link to ECC Comics and just below the cover of the volume in Spain

Green Lantern by Grant Morrison

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Comic of the week: Grant Morrison’s Green Lantern vol.1. Intergalactic Agent – The things that make us happy

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