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In recent statements for his YouTube channel, the comic book writer Chuck Dixon He expressed his opinion regarding the recent changes that superhero mythologies such as Superman and Captain America have undergone. In a timely manner, the writer of Batman and Punisher referred to their connection with American culture.

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And it is that to analyze these characters we would have to go back to the golden age of comics, which gave us the most emblematic superheroes that persist in the popular culture of our time. Although a variety of members were added to this canon that would later gain popularity in their own right, the truth is that this initial stage laid the foundations of its universe.

The undeniable link between the golden age of American comics and the nationalist propaganda of World War II and the postwar era continued to shape the nature of characters and plots through the decades. In each of their respective eras, these superheroes have evolved according to the needs of their society and our historical moment is definitely no exception.

With the arrival of the MCU, what could be described as a new era of splendor for comic book stories arrived, both with its fans and with a new audience. With cultural products like smallville, Iron Man – The Iron Man – 93% Y arrow- Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla86%audiences connected with these narratives in massive numbers around the world.

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But the fact that the demographics of this audience corresponded to the younger generations also meant that many superheroes underwent modifications to reflect the social changes that occurred at the beginning of this century. The WB-CW production that brought the coming-of-age of the Man of Steel, gave rise to a timid inclusion in the characterization of some of its main characters, such as Lana Lang and Pete Ross.

Over the course of its season, social issues such as mental health, bullying and migration were addressed episodically. Many of these topics directly affected the canonical elements of Superman, particularly those related to his fate on Earth. The ethos of this version of Clark Kent positioned him as a compassionate protector hero who on more than one occasion acted against the laws and social conventions of his own country.

The cinematographic universe of the house of ideas has explored this theme with films such as Captain America: Civil War – Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla90% and the subsequent expansion of the universe towards other latitudes and cultures. And it was precisely the positioning of Steve Rogers against the interests of the United States government that caused a fracture in the Avengers, which would not fully heal with the plot of Avengers: Endgame – Doctor Strange 2 supera a The Batman en la taquilla95%.

Perhaps in a much more evident way with DC Comics, with the publication of Superman: Son of Kal-El as well as with popular deliveries such as red son Y Superman Red & Blue, the most universal aspects of the Last Son of Krypton have shined brighter than ever before. Likewise, Captain America has faced his own disagreements with various government institutions in recent years, proof of this is the exceptional cover of alex ross for him Captain America Vol 9 #13 of 2019. Regarding these changes, Chuck Dixon expressed on his YouTube channel:

That is the background of these characters, it is where they come from and that is why they should never change, because that is the base of these characters that are indelible. They are an indelible part of American culture, so trying to change or alter them to keep up with the times is a crime.

In this way, the writer showed discontent with the distancing of these superheroes with their respective patriotic backgrounds and the american way. The writer appeals to the work of jerry siegel Y Joe Shuster —creators of Superman— by stating that, despite belonging to a marginalized community such as the Jews, they admired the American Dream.

And it is that in October of last year Superman officially changed his motto to “Truth, justice and a better tomorrow”, thus leaving aside the “American Lifestyle” as the third guideline in his ideals. Although this does not seem like good news for Dixon, it seems that the future of these superheroes is far beyond any border.

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Comic Writer Complains That Superman And Captain America Don’t Follow The “American Way” Anymore | tomatoes

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