Could a lightsaber from Star Wars harm Superman?

The ability to cut any material from a Star Wars lightsaber against Superman’s invulnerability

george lucas introduced the world to one of the most iconic pieces of science fiction and fan culture: the lightsaber. The weapon became famous for its futuristic sword look and its ability to cut through anything. This has led many inhabitants of starwars and fan culture to speculate on the limits of the legendary weapon, including whether it could cut the very Superman.

According to an answer in Quora, a lightsaber can generate heat of up to 25,000 degrees Celsius. Superman, for his part, has entered the Sun on several occasions to recharge his energy. The core of the Sun is much hotter than a lightsaber, generating heat of about 15 million degrees Celsius. That said, if the Last Son of Krypton regularly dives into the Sun, surely it could withstand a lightsaber blow, right?

Can a lightsaber cut Superman?

There have been some theories that Superman can only fly towards the Sun because the Sun acts as a power source for him. However, the Man of Steel has also shown his resistance against other Kryptonians, such as the heat vision of the General Zodwhich is said to burn as hot as the Sun.

Superman’s only two weak points are his Magic and the kryptonite, the latter being the most reliable defense element against the Man of Steel. Since lightsabers are not magical in nature, if someone sensitive to Strength manage to manufacture a lightsaber with a kryptonite crystal, could harm Superman. However, it is rather the kryptonite crystal that deserves the credit, not the saber itself. Under normal circumstances, these weapons cannot generate the amount of energy needed to deal any damage to the Man of Steel.

Superman vs Darth Vader Alex Ross

Also, lightsabers have limits to their cutting power even in the Star Wars universe. Materials like beskar and the cortosis can withstand hits from Jedi or Sith weapons, as seen in The Mandalorian Y Star Wars Legends, respectively. Even heavy blast doors can momentarily withstand lightsaber strikes, as in the phantom menace. Our favorite Kryptonian would have no problem getting through the thick blast-shielded doors, so the question of a lightsaber hurting him should be out of the question.

Despite the legendary status of the lightsaber, it is not a perfect weapon. Superman has been known to be able to fly through the Sun itself, as well as withstand the heat vision of his fellow Kryptonians, both generating much more heat than a lightsaber. The only possible way for a lightsaber to harm Superman would be if the crystal that powers it was made of kryptonite. However, that would still credit the kryptonite crystal, not the saber itself. Unfortunately for any Force-sensitives who come across the Man of Steel, Superman wins.

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Could a lightsaber from Star Wars harm Superman?

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