Could we see Henry Cavill again in the DCU as Superman? we tell you how

Despite the fact that James Gunn and Peter Safran are looking for a different Superman than Henry Cavill, we believe that there would be a possibility to see the actor playing the Man of Steel again.

Without a doubt, many of us have woken up today with the most surprising news, Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman from the DCU, it seems that James Gunn Y Peter safran they have other plans for the Man of Steel.

Even though a few days ago rumors came out on the matter, many of us hoped that it was all a mistake. It was too much of a coincidence that the actor communicated his departure from The Witcher, appeared in the post-credits scene of Black Adam beside dwayne johnson and the announcement that he would put on the red cape again. But everything seemed to have been in vain, Gunn Y safran want to find a younger actor to play Clark Kent in his youth, we have already suggested a few candidatesalthough I don’t think the heads of DC Studios pay close attention to us (but they should, we control the subject).

Still, hope is the last thing to die and so we think there’s still a chance we’ll see Henry cavill What Superman. So much Warnerthe people of DC Studios and his own Gunn You must know how many people the British actor moves, it was clearly seen when before the premiere of Black Adam, it was rumored that he would appear as the Iron Man, the expectation was enormous. For all this, we doubt that DC they no longer want to collaborate with cavilland we have an idea of ​​how we could look at it again as Superman in it DCU.

The DC Comics Multiverse

The multiverse has always been a very important concept in DC Comicsin large editorial events such as Crisis on Infinite EarthsFlashpoint or Infinite Crisis, alternate realities have always been key, although it has been a bit chaotic at times.

alternate worlds or elseworlds have served to bring the best stories of DCeither because the artists can create stories from scratch, or because they’re allowed to experiment with concepts that couldn’t be done in the regular series.

Crisis on Infinite Earths - Featured

comics like The Dark Knight Returns, The Batman Who Laughs, Injustice, All-Star Superman either Kingdom Come They occur in different worlds and are considered one of the best stories of DC. And it is possible that in this last comic is the key to the return of henry cavill.

DC’s Kingdom Come

Before the bad news started, people were very happy with Gunn. He claimed that he had a 10 year plan for the DCUhe asked fans on social networks what DC characters they wanted to see on the big screen, he even uploaded a photo to his official Twitter account from a drawing of the legendary alex ross created for the comic Kingdom Come.

For those who don’t know, Kingdom Come tells a story where the classic heroes of DC Comics They already have a few gray hairs. In that world, Superman retired and the rest of the old guard (Batman, Flash, Wonder Woman…) gradually disappeared or became less relevant. But when a new generation of heroes emerges, far more violent and careless than the last, the Iron Man and the old guard are forced to return and heal the world once more.

The comic is considered a masterpiece within the genre, so Gunn Y safran should take it into account in the new stage of DC Studios. If you want to know our opinion about the comic , here is our review.

kingdom come dc comics

You may be wondering why we think that cavill is ideal to play this veteran Man of Steel. Although he may not look like it, the actor is 39 years old, he is not very old, but in 10 years (what Gunn’s plan would last with the DCU) can be considered fifty-year-old and it is possible that the passage of time was noticeable, without a doubt what the co-director of the DCU is a Superman younger to be able to exploit it as long as possible. But luckily there you could play with the different DC Lands, why not bring henry cavill as a Iron Man veteran?

Yes Gunn Y safran they have thought make an adaptation of Kingdom Comeit would be great if they used henry cavill. Meet the character, by age it could fit and the fans would love it. Even if they don’t adapt the comic and just use it as inspiration, it would be great to meet two Steel men. the character of cavill could serve as a mentor Clark Kent younger, as a way of passing the mantle (literally) to a younger generation. It could turn out to be something very nice and the British actor would be given a dignified exit from DCbecause although the films of cavill in DC They did not have the expected success, no one can deny that the actor left a great mark.

We do not know what is cooking inside the offices of Warner, but they certainly know that they cannot lose such a valuable asset as the British actor, so we have to believe that the actor will be able to reprise the character that brought him world fame. We cannot believe that the last scene of the British actor in DC be a post-credits, so we hope that in the future they will give us a joy related to henry cavill and one of the greatest superheroes in the world. Besides, they better hurry up, it’s been rumored for a long time that Marvel Studios would be behind the actor to play a character in the MCU.

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Could we see Henry Cavill again in the DCU as Superman? we tell you how

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