Creed 2: The Legacy of Rocky Balboa

The legendary saga starring Sylvester Stallone returns to theaters, after more than 40 years since the first installment was released

Entire generations have vibrated in the cinema with a small but transcendental saga of triumph, overcoming and spirit, through the fists of Rocky Balboa who in his latest installment, where he continues as mentor and coach of the son of his great contender and best friend , Apollo Creed, can definitively hang up the gloves to give way to a new vision on the life and legacy of whoever is crowned as ‘the people’s champion’.

Sylvester Stallone made this series of films a franchise that remained in the minds and memories of entire families around the world who followed in his footsteps from 1976 until now with the recent premiere of Creed 2, with Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed , the son of Apollo.

Now, already enjoying the joys of victory, he must face the son of Ivan Drago, the Russian boxer who killed his father in the ring and who Rocky Balboa defeated in Moscow in that celebrated Rocky IV.

‘Sylvester Stallone made this series of films a franchise that remained in the minds and memories of entire families around the world who followed in his footsteps from 1976 until now with the recent premiere of ‘Creed 2”

The story, although it seems hackneyed, is built with agility and some depth by the producers and screenwriters of the film, who place, for example, Dolph Lundgren (The Mercenaries) in the field of personal and professional defeat that he sees in his son the recovery of lost glory and prestige, and in this way, he recovers certain historical characters of this series, among them that of Drago’s ex-wife, played by the Danish actress Briggitte Nielsen, as Viktor’s mother, as well as Phylicia Rashad (‘The Cosby Show’ ) as Apollo’s ex-wife and Adonis’s stepmother and Wood Harris as Adonis’s trainer and son of his father’s eternal trainer.

In this film, the real seasoning is in the management of family and affective relationships, taking into account that the sentimental interest of Adonis, a singer with progressive deafness, realizes that she is pregnant, in the midst of her dilemma for agreeing to fight with Viktor, who wants the world boxing championship, and in the middle of Rocky Balboa’s diatribe, who fears seeing his great friend’s episode repeat thirty-three years later, now preparing the young boxer.

For fans of the genre, Creed 2 is presented as a solid good action sports movie, directed by Steven Caple Jr. director who replaces Ryan Coogler, the director of the first Creed, who had to leave the chair to make the success. of the Marvel Black Phantom, and the result shows that, despite having a good workmanship, it lacks the rhythm and density of the first part of this new advance of the Balboa legacy.

As for the villain, despite not having the charisma and coldness of Lundgren, the German boxer Florian Munteanu, exudes anger, resentment and determination in his role as Adonis Creed’s rival, which gives more credibility to the fight scenes that they prepared for the tape.

This film, which had a budget close to 50 million dollars, has raised more than 194 million since its premiere last November.

Creed 2 is sustained by standout performances from Jordan, Rashad, Lundgren, Tessa Thompson as Adonis’ wife, and Sylvester Stallone, who maintain the heart and nostalgia of the Rocky label. Also for the editing and direction behind this project, which could well have been just another boxing movie, but still rises up among the great sports movies with impeccable box office results.

Those who enjoy everything Rocky Balboa does will not be disappointed, although Stallone has already announced that this would be the last time he plays the ‘Italian Stallion’, to give new life and stories to a saga that Adonis Creed leads with courage.

In short, sports cinema owes a lot to this successful franchise that, if it continues to provide interesting twists and new angles and without losing the charm of its original product, will recreate more boxing of weight and quality on the big screen.

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Creed 2: The Legacy of Rocky Balboa

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