“Creed II”: the relay that fires Rocky Balboa

On November 28 in your account Instagramthe fireproof Sylvester Stallone released a video where, after four decades, he hung up the gloves on his role as Rocky Balboa, or the nicknamed Philadelphia Italian Stallion, the most successful and legendary character in sports cinema.

But more than a goodbye forever, he gave us a reliefa new saga that takes its past, elevating itself to the future, we are talking about the sequel to believewhich premieres in local theaters this week and promises to give a good farewell fight and commemoration.

I’m your son

what is it about creed II? Well, first we must mention that it is the continuation of believe (2015), film written and directed by Ryan Coogler (Black Panther), which was thought to go unnoticed on the billboard, but no, took out a uppercut surprise and, in addition to breaking it at the box office and critical acceptancewas nominated for different awards, even Sly himself won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.

This film recounted the awakening in boxing of the young Adonis Creed (Michael B Jordan)unacknowledged son of the late Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers), or rather Rocky Balboa’s best friend, who for years was also his most important adversary. Thus, a lonely, renegade and old Rocky, had to return to the ring this time to battle against cancer and train the eldest son of his compadre. Adding to the plot a singer with hearing problems, Bianca (Tessa Thompson), who will be the partner of Adonis and the feminine force of the film, the result was a film full of emotion, action, hip hop and a combo of creativity, heart and strength, like the best times of Balboa in the 80s.

The gloves on the best cuffs

So this week, competing for the heavyweight belt, comes creed II, directed by Steven Cape Jr. and written by Cooglera sequel that although it is far from the perfection and light of its predecessor, it still hits hard and stays on the ropes with its essence, bravery and feeling.

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Play with nostalgia by resuming the duel against the Drago clan, recalling the fourth film of the Rocky franchise, released in 1985where the Italian stallion must avenge the death in the ring of his beloved companion Apollo Creed at the hands of the unbeatable Russian giant, Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren), for many fans the most terrible and lethal opponent of Rocky in his history.

Now Lundgren reprises his role as Ivan Drago, this time as the obsessive and blinded coach of his son, Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu), who unfortunately have suffered poverty, desolation and loss of their family name due to the defeat of the past. Scar and cross that can only be healed by defeating and taking away the title of world champion from the dark-haired Adonis.

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Here the highlights are not only in reviving that battle that emulated the Cold War between the US and the USSR, with references and tremendous action-drama scenes, but also in focusing on the fight of Creed, Bianca and their daughter, discovering if this important battle is to clear his father’s name or rise as a team that must forget the past and pave their own path. This, added to the wise and pained Rocky as a mentor, who otherwise longs to forget about boxing and return to what little or no family he has left. Guaranteed are the tributes, the romance, the tears and many punches.

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The first big fight

Few know that Sylvester Stallone won an Oscar for Best Screenplay for writing the initial Rocky (1976, directed by John G. Avildsewhich was later added to another similar project, karate Kid), a film that marked a before and after not only in his career, but also in the sports-drama genre. I built this story by hand, whose spirit was essentially Romeo and Juliet, recounting the near-impossible love between a rough, uneducated, poor Italian-American guy who could only reach the heart of a humble girl, Adrian (thalia shire), boxing. The film ended with his defeat against the champion Apollo Creed by points, but being victorious by going from being a nobody, to the husband who can give security to his girl. Thus began a myth with scenes (the steps of the Philadelphia Museum) and iconic characters (his brother-in-law Poly and his coach Mickey), and a soundtrack commanded by the song Gonna Fly Now, of Bill Conti. So if the first Rocky was actually a tortuous romance novel, the case of the new Creed II, it’s an African-American family drama.

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A saga of falls, draws and triumphs

What followed after these 40 years is almost synonymous with a boxer’s career, that is, with high points, blows and even fights to forget. Something worth noting is the marketing and advertising exercise that the Stallone saga built, extremely successfully and according to each era.imposing musical hits (eye of tiger, by Survivor), including famous actors and a whole myth of the character.

Rocky III (1979), had the script and direction of Stallone himself (He would also repeat this role in the third, fourth and sixth installments), where the magic continued to see the relationship of friends and rivals of Balboa and Creed, along with showing the birth of his only son and not being able to work on anything other than It was not to fight, and finally become a champion with all of the law.

The best of the third film, which shows the grays and darks of Rocky’s success with fame, are the bromance he has with Apollo Creed in his training, and the inclusion of Mr T Y hulk hogan, both action icons of the 80s, who must make the task difficult for Balboa. In Rocky IV(1985), despite being erratic and seeming like an eternal video clip, perhaps Sly’s best fight in his role is marked, which was not for nothing the excuse to build the engine of creed II.

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Of Rocky V (1990) and Rocky Balboa-either Rocky VI– (2006), there are not many things to highlight, except that in the fifth production we already see Balboa as a coach, with dramas with his son, an unscrupulous manager and the big fight is against a younger guy and in the street. Of the last film with Stallone as the protagonist, it is interesting that lives in mourning for his deceased wife and can only overcome fighting after 16 years of retirement and with 50 years in towagainst the champion of the moment, something like a Floyd Mayweather who has beaten all but the greatest of all time. Balboa narrowly loses on points, but leaves happy to be alive again.

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In conclusion, this new saga of Creed is the replacement of the most brilliant and entertaining aspects of the Rocky franchiseappealing to memories and nostalgia, but with a current stamp that can go very far.

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“Creed II”: the relay that fires Rocky Balboa

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