Criminal Minds: Evolution: Mid-season finale leaves JJ and Luke’s lives in doubt

The mid-season finale of the Criminal Minds revival, Criminal Minds: Evolution, has revealed that two of your favorite characters, JJ and Luke, could die after the shocking cliffhanger that ended the series.

After the last season of the original series of CBS, Criminal MindsDue to end in 2020, a revival of the popular police series began airing on Paramount+ under a new name. The sixteenth season of now Criminal Minds: Evolution, has managed to bring back most of the stars of the original cast and continue their stories in an engaging way. However, fans are worried about JJ’s characters (A. J. Cook) and Luke (adam rodriguez) after the end of episode 5.

Criminal Minds: Evolution: What will happen to JJ and Luke after the end of the mid-season

The end of the series Criminal Minds: Evolution ends with a surprise: the two special agents Luke and JJ enter a shipping container and discover that a bomb is about to go off inside.. His colleagues are horrified when they hear the explosion and the recording from the personal cameras they were wearing on their bodies disappears. Something that keeps all fans worried about the possible death of one of them.

Of course, when it comes to the possibility that Criminal Minds: Evolution kill JJ and Luke, anything is possible. However, it is unlikely that JJ will die, as he is a staple of the series, one of two characters to have appeared since its inception. Besides, it would be cruel to kill her, since her husband Will (Josh Stewart) could have cancer. Some fans are also still waiting JJ’s reunion with Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), who is supposed to appear in the finale.

On the other hand, Luke has become a central character since his appearance in season 12 of the original series. Given the shared importance of Luke and JJ, it’s hard to believe their involvement ended so abruptly. Instead, Criminal Minds: Evolution potentially used the trailer for the mid-season finale to build anticipation for the series’ return on January 12, 2023.

Criminal Minds: Evolution: Explosion endangers Luke and JJ

Unlike the previous chapters, Criminal Minds: Evolution centers on a UnSub -Elias Voight (zach gilford), nicknamed Sicarius- and delves into his psyche and his past. The second half of the season will continue Following the behavior analysis team as they try to catch Voight and his network of serial killers that have expanded amid the COVID pandemic.

Similarly, the season must determine if the unit can overcome Vice Principal Bailey’s sinister attempts (Nicholas D’Agosto) to dissolve the team of the BAU (Behavior Analysis Unit). Although there is still no talk of a season 17, Paramount+ could continue with Criminal Minds: Evolution given its good reception in the first half of the revival.

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Criminal Minds: Evolution: Mid-season finale leaves JJ and Luke’s lives in doubt

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