Criminal Minds Evolution: The showrunner’s promise about the other side of JJ Jareau

Criminal Minds became one of the most acclaimed police series of recent times. Its 15 seasons on CBS served to establish the drama as a reference in the genre that will surely endure over time. The Criminal Minds: Evolution reboot recently premiered in a new format on Paramount+, and if there’s one thing fans should be sure of, it’s that the drama will explore a side of JJ Jareau that no one has seen.

Criminal Mindsone of the most successful crime and police genre shows on television in recent times, premiered on the network CBS in 2005 and remained on the air for 15 long seasons bringing to the screen the best of the procedures carried out by the members of the FBI behavior analysis unit team.

Criminal Minds: Evolution will include in its story what happened between JJ Jareau and Spencer Reid after the confession at the end of the main series

The drama that came to an end in February 2020, over time featured an elite group made up of special agents noted for their intelligence and brainpower when it comes to solving crimes. Criminal Minds also stood out, occasionally touching on the lives of the characters and chronicling their family histories as they navigated the tribulations that come with their job as profilers.

The Criminal Minds series was so successful that since its end millions of fans have been clamoring for a reboot. Fortunately, the streaming platform Paramount + began developing the revival as Criminal Minds: Evolution, a drama with a new format that in addition to following a single case from start to finish for 10 episodes, its narrative further immerses the plot in the lives agent personal.

With this in mind, the Criminal Minds: Evolution showrunner made a promise related to Special Agent JJ ​​Jareau’s story arc, whose finale in the final season of the main series was left on hold. This is the other side of the character played by AJ Cockand what really happened to her and her love life when the show reached its conclusion in 2020 after 15 seasons.

In fact, according to TV Line, the showrunners have promised that the cliffhangers left over from the end of Criminal Minds season 15 will be resolved in the first episodes of Criminal Minds: Evolution, which premiered on November 24 on Paramount+. As many fans will remember, JJ Jareau is married to Will LaMontagne Jr. (Josh Stewart), but she told Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) that I loved him.

Criminal Minds: Evolution will explore the domestic life of JJ Jreau and her husband Will LaMontagne

Although Spencer Reid is not present in the reboot, the promise is that with Criminal Minds: Evolution some kind of resolution to the romantic situation of JJ Jareau and his husband Will LaMontagnewhose relationship status had been made unclear by the end of Criminal Minds season 15the showrunners told TVLine.

“What you’ll find, at least in the early episodes of the Paramount+ revival, is that we spend more time exploring the inner lives of BAU agents. Which is to say, as far as JJ is concerned, you’ll know more about domestic life than ever before ( and sexual) of her and her husband Will”.

But fans may not know exactly what went down between Spencer Reid and JJ Jareau after their confession. That’s because Matthew Gray Gubler’s character will not return for the new Criminal Minds: Evolution, at least not this season. It is expected that there will be a cameo, in the event that the new series is renewed.

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Criminal Minds Evolution: The showrunner’s promise about the other side of JJ Jareau

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