Criticism of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the film by Tom Holland

Get rid of the fear of the body! Spider-Man: Homecoming brings us a new version of the very enjoyable superhero. Tom Holland (Z, the lost city), after debuting in the Marvel universe with Captain America: Civil War last year, he does not disappoint and introduces us to the verbose fifteen-year-old, “our neighbor and friend” Spidey. Here he is seen joined by other well-known “celebrities”, such as Zendaya or the very Robert Downey Jr.

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The start of the film and let’s say that the entire global plot that revolves around its particular world, lead us to the connection of Spider-Man with the group of the avengers. We witness a new perspective of the famous sequence of the confrontation of the supergroup of Civil War and it is fully defined by the point of view of a teenager who records himself, full of enthusiasm and adrenaline.


Video review: Spiderman Homecoming

I’m not telling you this just because: it’s fundamental. The entire film exudes that white humor but with a mischievous touch that also stitches the action sequences and which leads to the final credits.

And there is a dimension of metalanguage in this whole process. We can find references to sam raimi movieswings of The Amazing Spider-Mana avengers Y Captain America and we even hear the catchy tone of the TV series in the opening intro and have a cameo from Stan Leeof course.

More than just a cool suit

What happens on the tape? As we already saw in the viral videos that served to promote Spider-Man: HomecomingPeter Parker makes us part of his recruitment by Tony Stark and we see how he debuts his new suit (the first sequence in which he puts it on and tries it on with “Blitzkrieg Bop” playing is magnificent).


Spider-Man: Homecoming – First Official Trailer

This will lead him to experience some pressure from his mentor, to whom Peter feels true devotion. While he tries to maintain a normal life like any young man his age and hide his identity by “doing good”, one of his classmates discovers his secret and begins to help him. In addition, he finds a way to put himself to the test and show everyone what he is capable of facing the Vulture, a man who has been combining alien and human technology to enrich himself on the black market and in the process become a winged nightmare for our protagonist.

Tom Holland has already told us in an interview about the new features of his suit (soon you will be able to read it in full), but even so, it will surely surprise you how far the Stark tycoon’s technology is capable of going to make it really useful (and complex for our motivated Spidey).

Now, the important thing to reflect in this Spider-Man: Homecoming review it is the journey to maturity that will lead Peter to realize that what matters is not so much his suit as who wears it. And at this point there is a sequence in which the young man is supposed to be tested but it really seems that the audience is being tested regarding the possible suit that he will wear in Avengers: Infinity War (Third movie of the arc of five along which they want to develop this whole story). So far I can read.

A very free new version

Curiously, and although it works quite well, this is the film version that is most unfaithful to the original material. The spirit of the character is there, but the film is almost a pretext to introduce Spider-Man in a larger world, the already gigantic Marvel Cinematic Universe, but at the same time, leave him in a more local plane of action, acting as ” guardian of the city.

The most creative touches of Spider-Man: Homecoming are those of Aunt May (played by Marisa Tomei), which we already knew, and that have nothing to do with its version in vignettes and a new-not-so-new character that I can’t talk about anymore so as not to give you spoilers. The curious will have an extensive report with each of the easter eggs of the film and there I will talk to you at length about the ins and outs of it.


Spider-Man: Homecoming – New Trailer

The villains also follow a new logic of their own: in one of the previews we could see several of them (among which is Shocker led by Adrian Toomes (Vulture/Vulture) in a warehouse, watching a newsreel that talks about the extraterrestrial debris and debris generated in New York after the Avengers’ battle against the invasion Chitauri. Meanwhile, some of them are working with some of that space junk, making modifications that will later be used to create new weapons. and we listened to Toomes: “the world is changing, it’s time to change with it”. Actually all this is new, but it does serve to connect with the more “social” side of the film (and the essence of the character itself), which is the one that develops Michael Keaton: comes to say that the rich do what they want, After all, it is what Stark himself represents: power, while the rest “do their work and fight their battles.”

Summarizing: Spider-Man: Homecoming works quite well, it’s a nice movie that doesn’t repeat trite formulas nor will it leave you sentences full of morality, that knows how to express its allusions to adolescent cinema (especially funny the nod to the movie All in one day, Peter Parker’s geek t-shirts or its particular affiliations, among which is Star Wars) and that leaves a good taste in your mouth. Having said that, it is also true that it has its rhythm slowdowns and accuses the (already classic) debauchery in the action scenes in which you end up looking at the clock and thinking how long the fireworks will last. I’m not seduced by the technological hulk, but Keaton’s performance is ten, so when he’s out of the suit the villain works better for me than inside it.

One of the sequences to highlight is the one in which the superhero looks out into the void from the top of the obelisk of the Washington Memorial. If it gives something of vertigo in 2D, in 3D it must be amazing. It is a very well focused film both for new viewers and for those who have seen it all and expect something different. I think Holland has it all to catch us in his web!


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Criticism of Spider-Man: Homecoming, the film by Tom Holland

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